5 Fun Singing Tips For Beginners

Learning to sing should be a lot of fun! So, I’m going to share with you my top 5 fun singing tips for beginners. That will make you start singing and keep you coming back over and over. If you enjoy the way you learn, you will consequently keep singing for your whole life.

You may have caught the singing bug young, when you were in school. Or maybe you have wanted to sing all your life. But there was never any time or money to learn. This is your chance to do something for yourself, no matter your age.

Tip 1. Join A Choir to Sing with Regularly 

You probably thought I was going to say start some lessons and I will get to that. Most people can sing a little (shower singing counts!) For this reason you should go join a choir! If you have never been in a choir you can’t know the joy of hiding in a crowd of singers of all levels and joining in.

It’s incredibly fun and you don’t need to be fantastic, you will learn on the job. There are some fantastic choir leaders around the world, who will make you welcome and teach you singing tips as you learn the songs. Indeed, they are often singing teachers already.

Making Friends

No matter your age, you will make new friends, have a few laughs and be practising how to use your voice.4 fun singing tips for beginners - Choir

This is the first step to feeling confident enough to sing a little louder, be more confident. As an added bonus, you will be able to stand next to really good singers and learn from them.

It will work your memory muscles, as you will have to remember the tune very quickly and eventually the words. Look locally and go once to a few choirs so you can choose a choir that suits you. Some are very serious and expect you to be able to read music. Some clever choir leaders teach a line at a time to each part of the choir, so you don’t need to read music. All you have to remember is your little bit.

Joining a choir will make it possible for you to work out your vocal range. Your speaking range is usually an indication as to the natural pitch of your voice. Choirs are made up of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Not all choirs have enough singers for every section, some women’s choirs may not have a bass section. Whereas, other choirs may combine the tenor and alto sections. Consequently, the choir leader will encourage you to try different sections until you feel that you are singing in a comfortable range for you.

Tip 2. Start Singing By Imitating Your Favourite Singers

The best place to sing along with your favourite singers is in the car. You are private and will be relaxed as you enjoy the music. Many professional singers, myself included, warm up and strengthen their voices by singing with people we admire.

A professional singer can make you sound awesome and lift your spirits. The added benefit is that to reach the notes and sing clearly, you will begin to really listen to the style of the singer. Listen to their near perfect pitch and copy, copy, copy. Learn each word and notice how your singer phrases each sentence.

Tip 3. Polish Your Voice with Singing Lessons

Take the time to look online at other articles on singing here.

You can choose to find a local teacher in your area. Also, ask around at the music shops and see if you can get a recommendation. Decide what style of singing you wish to learn and when asking around, ask what type of music this teacher likes to teach. You may want to learn pop songs, or gospel or even Opera. I trained in Opera for 6 years and never regretted this. The breathing techniques alone were worth the money of lessons and I still use them in every performance I do 40 years later.

Because of my Opera training I never have voice strain, I have 3 octaves and great strength in my voice, which is commented on even now. Since those lessons, I haven’t sung opera, I enjoy pop, Jazz and Ballads but the techniques are still the same. Being able to sing softly with great pitch and power to articulate the words, is a worthy goal.

Tip 4. Find a Buddy to Sing with

This may seem obvious, but a learning experience shared, is a joy doubled. If you prefer to be in a smaller group to sing or even just with a friend, this can really help you. Not only can you have a laugh together and share tips but you will encourage each other to practise.

It’s this regular practise that will make you want to sing. 

With the amazing technology we have at our fingertips now, we can learn online. Sing along with Karaoke You Tube, download Mp4 song backings and watch singing lessons online.

There is nothing to stop you from polishing your natural singing voice. (Make the time and use free lessons if necessary.) A little advice (don’t listen to well meaning family and friends about your voice) seek out an expert, to give you considered feed back.

My middle brother told me I couldn’t sing at 14, so I set out to prove him wrong. Also, in High School I was thrown out of the choir (probably for misbehaving) but I went onto a life long professional career in performing.

If your desire is strong enough, you will find a way. Especially, if you use one of my 5 fun singing tips for beginners.

Tip 5. Learn to Play an Instrument

Perhaps you think this may be too much to learn to play guitar or piano, as you are learning to sing.5 fun singing tips for beginners

But far from being a distraction, the simple art of learning the chords. To a song and then being able to sing and play will inspire you.

It is no harder to learn both at the same time. We all started as beginners, so in this case you are starting two compatible skills. They will compliment each other and open new experiences to you. Such as, playing and singing with friends or in a band.

If you have ever considered joining a band you may wish to read my …. 8 Tips on how to Play with a band. It can be enormous fun and give you a focus for your singing and guitar lessons.

Guitar or Piano?

For instruments, the guitar for singers is my first suggestion because it is cheap to buy. Easy to  move about and not so big that it will take over your house.

There are two courses that I would suggest to learn guitar and they are Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz and Guitar Mastery Method by Charlie Wallace. Different ways of learning that should help any style of guitarist.

I hope you have enjoyed our chat on becoming a singer and if you have any questions or would like to leave your own personal view, please leave a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “5 Fun Singing Tips For Beginners”

  1. Hi Lily! I’m reading over your blog post, 5 Fun Singing Tips For Beginners, and I like your suggestions. I am a total noob but I wanted to know if you could point me in the right direction, see I am a HUGE fan of Floor Jansen and I want to be able to sing like her eventually. Do you have any suggestion as to the best starting point? I just need help getting going. Thank you.

    • Hi Julz, you have great taste in Floor Jansen. An awesome singer and a huge professional. Floor sang for over 16 years with her first band After Forever from 1997, starting at the age of 16. So obviously, she did some training originally and performing has strengthened her voice over all those years. Listening to her singing ‘Shallow’ I had to admire her amazing breath control and diction. This allows her to put all that emotion in her voice, while sounding so relaxed. This is a song I sing often onstage solo.

      As I don’t know where you are coming from in experience as a singer. You need to assess how much control you have in your breath when you are singing a single note. Consider how clear your words are when you sing (even record yourself to hear). Then look online to find some simple singing lessons that will help you to strengthen your natural voice.

      Use Floor as a natural teacher for yourself. How well can you sing ‘Shallow’ along with her? Record yourself singing along. No one else needs to hear. This will show you where you need to work on your voice.

      Hope this helps. Having a great voice is all about practising like you were body building your voice. Be gentle and take the time to strengthen your voice slowly and carefully.

      Wishing you lots of fun and great results.

      Let me know if I can help some more.


  2. Amazing! These singing tips are the real ones. Joining a choir is a great advice on becoming a singer. Being there will make you wanna sing when you see others sing. You wanna score songs so that you can take the solo on a Sunday service. You will be available at rehearsals. Nice.

    • Hi Harrison, I can see that you get it. Singing is supposed to be fun and as you improve you will get offered solo chances. I love that you enjoyed the tips as they come from many years of experience.

      Enjoy your singing


  3. Hi Lily. I was a drummer in a local church but then I had a favourite singer. I love singing along with him; his name is Frank Edwards. I imitated everything he does. A friend of mine sent me some songs and I fell in love with some other singers. I tried my best to sing like them. I then had admission into a Polytechnic. I joined the choir there in my fellowship. I was brought up as a tenor backup singer. I sang with all my might, with passion, I tried to rehearse. I searched for some free vocal exercises online and also practice with them. I bought a piano course but I have not been able to practice yet. Today I sound nice while singing.

    What I’m trying to say is that I applied all these tips. They’re working.

    I’d love to hear you sing 😊

    • Hi Ovb, what a great journey you have had and it sounds like you have had some great results. I would love to hear you sing.

      I’ve been too shy to post myself singing with my band, as we are really just jamming but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet soon.

      So pleased to see that these tips are ones you have used to become a singer, well done.



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