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Lily singing and playing guitar in the park

Hi everyone and welcome to aussiemuso.com and The Music Room. This is where I hope to support and educate you on your guitar and singing journey. Below is more about Lily and how I became a professional musician.

A journey of a lifetime

Playing guitar and singing has been a lifelong passion of mine, for over 40 years now.About Lily I started performing professionally solo with my guitar at 16, in a little country town in Australia. My first guitar was a gift from my eldest brother, who threw in a few basic lessons to get me started.

Over the years and being a poor muso, I learned from any guitarist who would stand still long enough.

I was so scared that anyone would hear me so I sat in my room practicing for hours. Recording songs from the Top 40 on the radio every Saturday night and worked the chords out myself.  At 19 years of age, I commenced 6 years of Opera Training for voice. How times have changed!

Playing all around the world

It’s been exciting working all over Australia, in restaurants and clubs and jamming in many countries around the world. I’ve had five and three-piece bands. We have played and I have sung, Pop, Jazz, and Rock at gigs 6 nights a week over one 10 year period, and hundreds of gigs since.

My gift to you

Now I want to give it back.

With all the new YouTube, apps, and information available on the internet, I want to share the wisdom of my real-life earning a living, as a musician. Discuss how I have utilized this dynamic technology to accelerate my learning curve. How I have created a repertoire that can blend with a Jazz Trio, a Pop night, or around a campfire for fun.

Let me help you achieve your secret dreams.


Growing up I was very shy and the only girl with three older brothers. Everyone in our family played music, even my parents. My eldest brother who was four years my senior was already passionate about classical guitar. Consequently, he used to write songs and asked me to write some lyrics one day.

One day I started to sing in the garden, and my brother Chris was so shocked and dragged me up to sing for my parents. Of course, my middle brother told me I sounded terrible. For this reason, I thought, ‘I’ll show you’ and practiced in secret and went on to do 6 years of Opera lessons.

I also started lessons with my brother Chris on guitar and later in life joined a guitarist course by Steve Krenz in Nashville on DVD to continue improving.

Practise pays off big time

Day by day, week by week, my half-hour practice honed my singing and guitar skills.

A young girl practising guitar

Then one Christmas night my eldest brother convinced me to sing for the family after dinner. He played a song we had written together and they were surprised and indeed impressed.

It was such a buzz. I still remember that feeling.

A year later I did my first solo gig, sitting on a bar stool with my guitar. It was terrible, I was terrified and messed up songs but they still paid me. But I still have a wonderful photo from that night.

So, 40 years on and many more hours of practice and pleasure singing and playing and I am still learning and growing. My career has earned me a lot of money, I’ve made terrific friends around the world and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Building a solid song list is a lifelong delight and the songs change with the years.

When I moved to Sydney (Australia) to work in the 1980’s Tommy Emmanuelle and his brother were just starting their careers in music. It was a delight to be at one of their first gigs in North Sydney and I was captivated by their guitar playing. I became a huge fan and it has motivated me to improve my guitar playing ever since. My brother Chris was my first guitar hero.


Playing music is a team sport. You need to start simple and fun and build on that. Nibbling away at getting closer to your dream. Learning any new skill set will challenge you and I want to be there to hold your hand. Answer your questions, suggest songs, and steer you towards the best technology to help you achieve your dreams.

Much of what you will read on my website will be about developing your new skills. If you want to sing songs and play those songs, then I will help you find the best options for you.


To do this you need a plan on how to start and what to practice.

  • Which guitar should you choose? Enjoy reading about my 3 steps for starting.
  • What gear will help you learn and grow?
  • Choosing the types of songs that will inspire you?
  • Where to find the chords?
  • How to perfect your performance and so on.
  • And your secret ingredient.
  • We will work on how you need to intentionally focus so that you can use The Art of Accelerated Learning to build your skills when you practice. I will reveal more in my blogs. I have lots to share.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


If you would like to contact me to chat, please use the email address below.


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6 thoughts on “About the Musician Lily Munday

  1. Nice website and interesting bio.

    Yes, musicians help each other. Web designers tend to jump in and help each other as well. Don’t hesitate to connect for any help or advice when working on websites.

  2. Lily your website is great, totally crisp and clean. Simple to navigate!
    I like your logo as well, creative and makes me want to stay on your page.
    You are doing great thus far hope you’re enjoying your journey, seems like you are teaching people a ton about music.

    1. Awww thanks Molly,

      I’m really trying to reach out to all guitarists but especially women and girls who are looking for material geared to them. Mentors are hard to find in the female guitarist field. So it will be a long project.

      Really appreciated your kind comments about my website, I guess you always wonder.
      Wishing you great success.


  3. Do you have a Youtube channel or somewhere I could hear your singing? A long time ago I wrote a few “Parody type” songs and my voice sucks (I love to sing but I know I don’t have the voice to make it into a reality) You look like you may have voice for it if you’d like to try…One of the parodies I made (as far as writing the lyrics…I’ve yet to have it as a recorded song) was a parody of “Golden Ring” by George Jones & Tammy Wynette and my version was called “Teddy Bear”

    I’m on a fixed income that doesn’t allow much wiggle room to pay people much but I was thinking of trying to hire someone on Fivver or something to sing it, then I found you (or vice versa) on WealthyAffiliate (thanks for following me :)) and was wondering if maybe you’d want to give it a try?

    1. Hi Kristina,

      I haven’t put a You Tube up yet as I’m still working out the internet whilst doing gigs.
      This sounds like a bit of fun if my voice is suitable. I will listen to the song ‘Golden Rings’ and see if I could help you.

      I’ll be in touch soon.


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