Artist Guitars – Why You Should Buy One

There are so many guitars available to buy around the world, so which one should you buy? ILittle girl playing guitar have recently found an excellent guitar company in Australia called Artist guitars and honestly, it’s brilliant. So why would I say that?

No matter where you buy a guitar there are some things you need to have to make that transaction a success. That’s a high-quality item, with good prices, and excellent service.

Buying online can be scary, especially for an item like a guitar. You want to know that you will receive that item in great condition and if you have any worries you will have the service to work them out.

Artist Guitars – Who are they?

These guys design and have their guitars made in China to strict high standards and sell them directly to the public online. For starters, it cuts out all the middlemen and keeps the cost at rock bottom. They have the features of many more expensive guitars. With prices starting at just over $100 and many coming with bags, picks, straps, and strings, they are excellent value.

Every single guitar, no matter if it is for a beginner or an advanced player is checked before it leaves the factory. That’s why they give a 100-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty. If you are not happy then send it back and they will pay the postage in Australia and New Zealand.

You can ask for a full refund or an exchange. This means that if it’s the wrong size, color, or sound they’ve got you covered. All they ask is that it is in the original packaging and ready for resale.

Even better! They have live chat around the clock and you can email or phone them. This is what I call service. You can even call them for a chat about your purchase before you buy, they have a big team there to help.

A Word From the CEO

I have over twenty-five years of experience in the industry. I’ve spent seventeen of those years visiting factories, and three of those years actually living in China, visiting multiple factories and teaching the factory technicians how to build a better guitar. There was one factory in particular that I worked with from its inception which has now become a high-quality instrument manufacturer. This is where Artist Guitars are built.
Ian Bush – CEO & Founder

Every one of our classic guitar models comes with a truss rod. No other guitar brand delivers a truss rod in our price range. Some of our guitars use Fishman pre-amps, D’Addario strings, bone nut and saddle, solid tonewoods, locking tuners, and Wilkinson pick-ups. This level of components is unheard of at this price, and it is our passion to bring you the highest quality for the best price that we can!

What Guitars Do they Sell?

  1. Guitars for Beginners
  2. Classical Guitars
  3. Acoustic Guitars
  4. Electric Guitars
  5. 12 String guitars
  6. Bass Guitars
  7. Left Handed Guitars
  8. Folk and Traditional Guitars


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1. Guitars for Beginners

There are 40 guitars in this section and they cover acoustic, semi-acoustic, and electric guitars. They are designed to cover all the different genres of music that a new player could wish to learn. I’ve been playing for over 40 years and I still add new guitars to my collection, Artist guitars are the first guitars that I recommend to any new guitarists.

You certainly don’t need the talent to learn to play guitar, it’s all about learning and playing step by step. I know that I am still polishing my playing each week, as I perform regularly. Nothing beats practice to learn a new skill. But having an easy guitar to play when you are just beginning is crucial to success.

The whole point of getting a new guitar is that it will be easy to play, it will stay in tune, and make you want to pick it up. Many Artist guitars have a built-in tuner so that you will never have to search for your clip-on tuner again.

Take a look and listen to this 1/2-size parlor guitar, perfect for a beginner.

2. Classical Guitars

As a classical guitarist who plays pop and ballads, I need a versatile guitar. I also prefer a nylon string guitar as it is softer on my fingers and allows calluses to build over time.

Priced from $130 to $800, you can really find a lovely guitar in this range. They even cater to all sizes of players with 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 size guitars. As an adult, I own several 3/4 size guitars and I find the smaller body is easier to play.

They even offer packs where you will get a 1/2 size guitar, bag, guitar stand, a capo, a string winder, and 5 packs of strings all for $185.

Hear the sweet music of the Artist Classical guitar here.

3. Acoustic Guitars

Most acoustic guitars are steel-string and electric but you can play them without plugging the into an amp. With 55 guitars to choose from in this category and many packs that include a small amp, you will find the perfect guitar.

There are several small-body acoustic guitars in their range and even a left-hand guitar, which can be hard to find. Ranging in price from $130 to $1400 you will love the choice.

Have a listen to a Semi-Acoustic Guitar with a built-in preamp here.

4. Electric Guitars

In the Artist guitars range of electric guitars, they offer solid body and semi-hollow body guitars with Twangler, Bullbucker, or Humbucker pickups. Not only do they look great but they play brilliantly.

The guitars come in pretty much any color that you can imagine and have a selection of designs. Plus they have some great packages to set up a new guitarist with the basics to get them started on their musical journey.

There are 76 electric guitars that range in price from around $200 – $500, with loads of choice about what comes with your guitar.

Hear an Artist Electric guitar here.


I love too that Artist Guitars has a bargain bin so that if you are looking for something at a special low price you will get a chance here. They include any guitars that have been returned that are in perfect working order. Marked as such and any with a small imperfection.

You can even get a nylon or electric guitar package in the bargain section for $135, which is amazing value.

I’ve been looking around for a while now for a company that could be trusted to provide top-value guitars without the worry of not being able to return them. I’m relieved to have found this established company that says what they will do and are reliable.

Let me know how you go with this great company.

Happy playing.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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