The Best Beginner Guitar Packages

the best beginner guitar packages

Have you waited forever to begin playing guitar? Well, it has never been easier to get started. The best way to begin your journey is with a guitar package, that fits your vision. The best beginner guitar packages include everything you will need to play from the moment it arrives at your door. If you …

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Best Free Online Guitar Lessons

best free online guitar lessons

I’m so excited because this morning I did my 100th free live lesson and it was soooo much fun! Who would have thought that you could learn guitar in a group lesson? Chatting with other guitarists from around the world. If you are a beginner guitarist and can play a few chords or an intermediate …

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Jump Start Your Guitar Playing

jump start your guitar playing

NINE TIPS FOR JUMP STARTING YOUR PLAYING Choose a guitar that you want to play Set up your guitar space for easy access Clip a tuner to your guitar Have your computer and printouts close Plan ahead what you want to practice Choose a song Bookmark the YouTube of the original Draw out new chords …

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Cordoba Guitar Review – A captivating play

Cordoba guitar review

In my Cardoba guitar review – A captivating play, I will analyze why this is the perfect nylon string guitar for all players (except for rock!). Your first guitar is absolutely crucial to your success as a new guitarist. Once you know the reasons you have decided to learn to play and the music that …

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Guitar Tricks Course Review – The facts!

Guitar Tricks course review

Do you want to learn guitar or have tried in the past and failed, then I have a treat for you. The Guitar Tricks Course is one of the most comprehensive and fun courses. The structure is without peer in the industry. They focus on the beginner from the start, within hours you can be …

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Guitar Chords You Should Know

Chords that you should know

No matter how long you have been playing you will find that everyone starts with simple guitar chords and builds on that knowledge over time. In guitar chords you should know, I am going to add chords over time that are covered in the songs that I am listing. This way you can click on …

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Guitar Songs For Girls #2 – SUNRISE

Young girl playing guitar

This is another exciting song to share with you the budding singer/guitarist. Guitar songs for girls #2 is Norah Jones SUNRISE, it is an easy guitar song for girls to play. It has a tricky tempo as you will find as you try the chords with the YouTube recording but don’t hesitate to find your …

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Are You a Frustrated Guitarist?

Are you a frustrated guitar player

We all get frustrated when we are learning. If you are a frustrated guitarist, now is the time to find a solution. I’ve been playing for over 40 years and have found a few ideas to keep myself practicing and enjoying my guitar. First, we need to identify why. 4 REASONS WHY YOU AREN’T PLAYING …

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Strumming Patterns For Guitar

jump start your guitar playing

No matter when you start playing the guitar one key element of playing any song will be strumming. The best time to learn and perfect strumming patterns for the guitar is when you first begin playing but if that is not the case, it’s time to start today. Ever wondered why some people sound boring …

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Guitar Songs For Girls – DESPERADO

Guitar songs for girls

Guitar songs for girls – DESPERADO is designed to help you create a repertoire of mixed popular songs to perform for family, friends and professionally. If you want to be a great guitarist/singer you need to learn songs. Everyone has to start somewhere. So now that you have decided to learn a song. Which one …

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