Beginners Electric Guitar Pack Review

Future rock stars you have found your first guitar. The beginner’s electric guitar pack by Artist Guitars will meet all the needs of a brand new guitarist. For more tips on starting guitar, you may want to read my post on tips for beginner guitarists.

In this guitar package, it all comes together, so you can start playing.

What you get in the pack

An Artist STHPK Cherry Red solid-body guitarCherry Red Artist Guitar

  • A 10 Watt Artist Amp
  • Guitar Strap
  • A guitar Lead
  • A clip-on tuner
  • Gig Bag to protect your guitar
  • A couple of picks

Hear a demonstration of this guitar now!

The Guitar

A lot of care has been taken with the quality of these guitars.

You want a guitar that will play well, feel comfortable, and look awesome.

  • Solid-body Guitar
  • Poplar timber body
  • Eco-Rosewood Fret Board
  • Maple Neck
  • 1 Humbucker and 2 Single-coil Wilkinson pickups
  • Classic Stratocaster Bridge
  • Die-Cast Machine Heads
  • 2 way Truss Rod – To move the neck, up, down, or back
  • Tremolo Bar
  • Several color choices

The Amp

A nice lightweight amp to give you plenty of sound from the first day.Artist STH Electric Guitar Pack

  • 10 Watt Artist Amp
  • Volume control
  • Treble, Middle, and Bass controls
  • Aux for MP3 Input for your music to rock along to
  • Headphone socket
  • Power switch
  • 3 Band EQ that will give you the sound you are looking for.

The clean channel provides a Chrystal clear sound for Country and Jazz Tones.

A distortion channel provides everything from a light smooth breakup for the blues.

To crushing heavy metal and hardcore tones, for chunky rhythms and screaming solos.

The history of Artist Guitars

  • Started in 2009 in Australia, Artist Guitars were determined to bring quality guitars to the world by only selling on the internet.
  • This has meant that they can use quality timbers and finishes, design and make their own amps and give the personal service we all love.
  • It’s great to buy from people who are proud of what they produce and make.

Although all the guitars are made in Australia they are available through online outlets in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

  • This company is proud to bring you a quality product no matter where you live in the world.

This beginner’s Pack is excellent value at $259 Australian.

Worth a look!

Visit Artist Guitars and see for yourself.

I am an affiliate of Artist Guitars, as I love the quality of their products and attitude to the customer.

Just remember you don’t need talent to be able to play guitar, it’s like learning to walk, you start simple and build on your skills over time. I will be posting lessons here in the future, so leave a comment about what you would like to learn, which songs.

I earn from qualifying purchases to Artist guitars. By using my link this supports a great company and my own family at no cost to you, so thank you.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Artist STHPK Electric Guitar Pack or want to leave your personal review, please leave a comment below.



4 thoughts on “Beginners Electric Guitar Pack Review”

  1. Great timing for me, finding your site because my nephew who has been learning classical, acoustic guitar for about two years is now wanting an electric guitar so I’m probably going to buy him one for Christmas. This beginner pack seems ideal and very reasonably priced. Thanks for the information.

    • You are very welcome. This is a great company who will look after your nephew. Wishing him all the best with his musical career. Let me know if I can help in any way.


  2. It looks like a high quality musical instrument and is perfect as an electric guitar. It comes with a full range of equipment and this is a necessity for producing good sound. From a young age I was interested in playing guitar but could not master it. However, I still have an interest in owning an electric guitar. This beginner pack is a perfect fit for me with the quality that comes with the nice price. Thank you very much for the information.

    • Hi Bry, thanks for reading my article and your comments. 

      I am super impressed with this family owned business and hope you enjoy your new electric guitar. If you click on the banner it will take you to their website and they can help you with your new toy. I also will appreciate you using my link, as it supports my family. 

      Let me know how it goes and if I can offer any other help.




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