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I’m so excited because this morning I did my 100th free live lesson and it was soooo much fun! Who would have thought thatbest free online guitar lessons you could learn guitar in a group lesson? Chatting with other guitarists from around the world.

If you are a beginner guitarist and can play a few chords. Or even an intermediate guitarist playing some lead the best free online guitar lessons are just a click away.

What You Will Learn For Free?

  • The notes on the Fretboard
  • Barre Chords
  • What notes makeup Power Chords
  • How Music Works – Triads
  • Fingerstyle playing
  • Jazz chords
  • Interviews with top guitarists (motivation)
  • From Scales to Solos
  • PDF for every lesson

These are just a few of the live lessons that Steve has already produced, you can check them out right now if you like. Head over to for just a taste of his live lesson recordings. He has an easy-going style of teaching and playing. You can tell that he has been doing this for a long time.

Who is Steve Krenz?

Steve’s qualifications to create Learn and Master Guitar

Steve Krenz on guitar

Steve has done a degree in Music and he often speaks about it during his live lessons. You can tell that he really understands the theory of music and uses it every day in his teaching and recording life. He is often on tour with bands around the world and is sought after for studio recordings by many top names.

Steve is a family man and shares his love of community through his website. He insists on a high standard of conversation within the community. This, therefore, makes it a happy and safe zone for guitarists of any musical taste, age, or gender.

Steve’s experience ranges from playing guitar with a symphony orchestra to big bands and jazz bands to performing with Grammy-winning artists like Donna Summer, The Fifth Dimension, Israel Houghton, and Tommy Sims (producer, renowned bass player for Bruce Springsteen and co-writer of Eric Clapton’s Grammy-winning song “Change the World”).

Steve also has vast studio experience. His recorded guitar work has been featured in advertising campaigns for Coldwell Banker, Prudential, and the World Cyber Games. He has performed with platinum-selling country music artist, Bryan White, as well as with Darlene Zschech & Hillsong, the Katinas, Jonathan Pierce, and GMA Dove Award winners Ron Kenoly and Don Moen.

Live Lessons from Nashville

Steve is an active guitarist playing and recording professionally in Nashville, Tennessee. He also holds a deep personal passion for training the next generation of guitarists. He is a sought-after speaker and teacher and conducts guitar and music workshops in churches and venues around the world, as far as New Zealand and South America.

Steve has taught thousands of guitar lessons to players of all ages and skill levels. His goal is to help them go from where they are to where they want to be.

Whether it is playing classical guitar at a college, acoustic guitar in a recording session or electric guitar in front ofwho is Steve Krenz thousands of people with a Grammy-winning artist, Steve’s musical excellence and versatility combined with a gift for communicating in an easily understood and practical way is a major asset to his students and a key to the incredible success of Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar.

Steve’s musical quality combined with a gift for communicating is a major asset to his students. It is also core to the great success of Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar Home School course.

Steve lives with his beautiful wife and three growing boys in Spring Hill, Tennessee. From there, Steve travels worldwide conducting workshops in addition to his speaking and playing schedule.

The Live Guitar Lessons

Steve runs his live lessons from Nashville USA on Tuesday and Wednesday Nights at 7 pm. For me, that is Wednesdaythe live guitargathering lessons and Thursday mornings at 11 am Australian time. Guitar players from all around the world join in the chat and we ask questions that we all want to know.

Everyone is made welcome, all ages, all levels, and both women and men join in equally. This makes his lessons unique for women guitarists as all styles of playing are covered.

I’ve seen Steve play everything from classical pieces, blues, Jazz, and super rock. He knows his styles to a tee and the gear to go with it.

Once or twice a month Steve has a guest artist to come in and play for instruction and inspiration. Many of his guests are well-known personalities, Joe Robinson (Australian) Robben Ford, ‘Muddy waters son’, Johnny Hiland, Daniel Donato, Rick Derringer, Joscho Stephan, and Phil Keaggy just to name a few.

The great thing about being hooked into the live lesson with these amazing guitarists is being able to ask questions about their playing styles and what works for them.

Subscribe and Stay in the Loop

Once you have registered or subscribed you will receive a reminder email to warn you on the day that a live lesson will beOpening the live lessons list starting soon. This is a great way to stay on track learning and practicing. It also makes you feel part of a wider guitar community.

You can get active in the live chat at guitar gathering and ask questions, find ideas for equipment, or even join in by uploading a song for Steve’s regular competition. All good ways to stay connected and motivated.

You can decide how connected you want to be but trust me when I say that you need to be connected to other musicians.

We all start off excited and motivated but then time passes or we are working on something that we find difficult. This is when a live lesson in person or online will get you going again.

An Alternative To Just Live Lessons

Now that you have started the live lessons and are collecting the PDF sheets that Steve provides, you might want to consider a full course. A little structure goes a long way.

If you just love the way Steve teaches then check out his full course that he created with Gibson Guitars called Learn and Master Guitar. I love owning hard-copy that I can use anywhere and anytime. I even put the DVD’s on my TV, it’s like having Steve in the room teaching me and 13 years later I’m still doing this course.

Another solution for you, if you want to do online lessons starting today, is to look at Guitar Tricks or Jamplay, two excellent guitar courses with masses of videos on all styles and for all levels. I highly recommend them and use them myself regularly to fill in the gaps in my learning.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase from a link on this page.

Conclusion And a Trick

Only you can know what will get you started playing the guitar and what will keep you going. Doing a combination of these Freemy number one trick live lessons with Steve and this warm community and a focus on each step with online or DVD lessons will keep you playing for years.

# My number one trick for motivation is to pick a song, find a YouTube with the artist playing it, and learn to play along.

It’s amazing how quickly you can learn Chords, Words, and Rhythm when you are enjoying yourself. I use this sometimes when I’m not in the mood to play to kick start a practice session, it soon gets me back on track.

Send me a comment and share this around. I would love to encourage you with your playing.

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  1. Since I’m a singer that once performed with a group and band, I have a strong interest in music. We had a lead and bass guitar players. I’ve never learned to play that type of instrument. I guess my voice was mine. I remember when we performed club sets, It seems like the guitar players were the ones who got a lot of attention from the ladies. (The singers were jealous). I respect the colors and creative styles of some of the professional players. Look at the late singer ‘Prince.’

    • Absolutely RJ, there are some amazing musicians around the world. You were fortunate to be a singer,  that is my fortunate gift too, I chose also to learn to play guitar to accompany myself. The music world is exciting. 


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