Cordoba Guitar Review – A captivating play

In my Cardoba guitar review – A captivating play, I will analyze why this is the perfect nylon string guitar for all players (except for rock!). Your first guitar is absolutely crucial to your success as a new guitarist.

Once you know theCordoba guitar review reasons you have decided to learn to play and the music that drives you then it’s time to select your guitar. Thus this can be a perfect guitar for the beginner or seasoned guitarist who wants to play classical or jazz music.

I own one and play it every day! It is the best classical guitar for beginners and I will tell you why.

It is a 1/2-sized cutaway model with a built-in pickup and is made for travel and beach playing. Because of its small size, it is easy to transport and move in small spaces.

Cordoba guitars come in all shapes and sizes and as is the case with favorite guitars sometimes it can be difficult to get the perfect guitar the first time around.

Trial and error can be your friend. So take the time to visit guitar stores and play as many guitars as you can. Trust me, these shops expect you to settle in and try before buying.

Why buy a nylon string guitar?

Never underestimate the benefits of playing a nylon string guitar. It isn’t just the lovely tones, but you will save the skin on your fingers if you play nylon strings. Although these strings tend to be a little thicker it is rare that you will notice a difference.

Consequently, you can learn chords and lead without hurting your fingers and still building up calluses. However, later you can move onto a steel string if you are looking for a brighter/louder sound.

The C12 SP is an elegant and exceptional full-size classical guitar on the market right now.Cordoba C12 Guitar The successful emergence of modern meets traditional design.

Beautifully handmade from European spruce and solid Indian rosewood (back and sides.)

With a featured, striking flamed maple wedge down the center of the back and sides. Thus these premium tonewoods deliver a deep full tone.

The fretboard is crafted from ebony and is raised for easier playing from the 12th fret and beyond. Consequently, Ebony fretboards are also smoother to slide around making your motion effortless.

It has a modern lattice-braced spruce top which can withstand heavy playing and create bigger tones with its projection-enhancing capabilities.

Here is a taste of the C12 Cordoba.

A guitar for pleasure or performance playing

The nylon-string Cordoba La Playa Travel Acoustic-Electric guitar is designed to take on the road” a welcome companion for your next off-the-beaten-path adventure. It’s a 1/2-sized cutaway model with a built-in pickup and is made for travel and beach playing. With a tarpaulin-insulated gig bag patterned after surfboard travel packs. This provides protection from sun, surf, and sand but not banging it on tables and chairs. lol

Cordoba La Playa travel guitar blends bohemian creativity and individuality with a heritage of artistry and craftsmanship. The quality of Cordoba guitars is recognized worldwide by artists from a variety of genres and musical backgrounds.

Passion and tradition accompany every Cordoba guitar; from the craftsman who chooses the soundboard to the musician playing the finished nylon string guitar. Consequently, whatever your budget there is a Cordoba for you!

This is a joy to play!!

A Cordoba guitar

Key Elements of Design

What do you need to look for?

  • A thin neck! (Usual width is 2in, try for less)
  • Any cutaway shape to allow access to the upper neck frets
  • 3/4 size for a comfortable body fit
  • Small size for women and children
  • Easy to transport
  • Semi-Acoustic with Pre-Amp
  • Nylon Strings
  • Attractive durable Guitar

Classical guitar benefits

  • This lovely little guitar will allow you the versatility to play in three different ways.
  • You can strum chords with a pick, thumb, or finger for a gentle mellow sweet tone.
  • Start to learn to fingerpick combining classical melody lines, Chet Atkins picking, or a natural blend of your talents.
  • It is very easy to play without amplification as an acoustic guitar or plug it into an amp and add volume.
  • Consider reading about my lesson course review for classical guitar with Steve Krenz.

The specifications

The Cordoba C5 – CE IBERIA Series Electric Acoustic Guitar

  • Solid Canadian Cedar Top
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Fishman Isys+ Pickup
  • Rosewood Bridge and Fingerboard
  • 50mm neck width (slim)
  • Savarez Chrystal Corum Nylon Strings

Cordoba guitars are a must-play for serious classical guitarists. Watch and listen to The Grigoryan Brothers playing their amazing music on their Cordoba Guitars. Famous all over the world.

The Cordoba Story

Cordoba guitars are designed in the Spanish Tradition. For this reason, they are made to be stylish, have lovely resonance, and be lightweight, so perfect for a beginner.

Some of their guitars are made in Spain but a lot are made in China today.

The Cordoba company was founded in 1997, and they have spent many years expanding on the unique design and sound of the Spanish guitar.

Showcasing a huge range of guitars, to perform a wide musical range from Classical to Flamenco. Inspiring such artists as; Leonard Cohen, Jose Gonzalez, and Bon Iver.

These guitars are designed to enhance the playing of a novice to a seasoned performer. Nylon and Steel-string Cordobas are available. Also, many left-hand guitars.

Why buy a Cordoba?

Cordoba guitars have been built, designed, and inspired by cultural styles of playing. These quality guitars are beautifully crafted with the best shapes. Created to have a soothing tone and help the guitarist bring out the best melodic line.

Available from many music instrument shops, with a huge range for all tastes. So if the quality is at the top of your priority list then head to Sam Ash Music Direct for a massive selection of Cordoba guitars.

A & B Music  Australia offers a broad range of guitars and parts. As well as instruments, strings, amplification, and accessories all in one place.

A huge range of guitars

The wide range of Cordoba Guitars is further subdivided into different parts. A small list incorporates a wide range of Cordoba guitars.

The Cordoba guitars are made from long-lasting wood and material including rosewood, maple, spruce, and ebony. These durable woods give strength as well as a particular tone to each instrument.

Image for post

These guitars are not built with a cutaway but are lovely sweet guitars to play and enjoy. Easy to tuck under your arm and a delight for women or children to enjoy. As a result of their design, they are a delight to play with.

All finished to a high standard, they come in a range of prices from around $300 up to under $2000.

Cordoba Master Series includes;

  •  Luthier C12
  •  GK Studio Flamenco Nylon String
  •  Fusion Classic Acoustic/Electric Steel string
  •  Iberia
  •  Mini
  •  Ukulele

Many classical guitar players view their instruments as an extension of themselves so shopping for the right one for you is often a personal thing.  The price range of classical guitars contains some disparity. Consequently, you need to do your homework, read reviews, and if possible play some guitars to see what really fits you.

The Cordoba GK Studio Negra

Built with a solid European spruce top, rosewood back and sides, soft cutaway, and Fishman Presys Blend preamp. The GK Studio Negra is the ultimate gigging instrument and a Córdoba best seller. Made for the stage, the GK Studio Negra is constructed with a slightly thinner body depth, neck, and nut width than a traditional Spanish guitar.

Cordoba Cutaway

Consequently, the neck is designed with a cutaway, offering low action for ease of comfort and quick playability. Flamenco players choose this model for a bassier and more robust tone in contrast to the bright, snappy sound of ‘Blanca’ flamenco guitars.

However, any guitarist looking for a new tone will feel right at home. Like every Córdoba guitar, this model has a two-way truss rod built into the neck and other premium features include a high gloss finish, clear flamenco-style tap plate, and Savarez strings. A top performance cordoba cutaway guitar for under $700.


  • Cutaway
  • Flamenco Style
  • Solid Top
  • Fishman Presys Blend Electronics

Pros and Cons


  • Small Body Guitar
  • Thin Neck
  • Warm vibrant sound
  • Cutaway shape
  • Semi-Acoustic
  • Nylon String (saves your fingers)
  • This guitar is a joy to play every day and has such a sweet sound.


  • You can’t play rock and roll on this guitar

If you are looking for an excellent instrument, which will encourage you to play and is the best beginner guitar you have ever found, this is it.


This link will take you to where you can see the best prices. Your sale will be appreciated in supporting my family.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Seeing Kd Lang comments on The Grigoryan Brothers, as they playing with a Cordoba guitar!!! What else I can say. You nailed it right there. 

    I am a fan of classical music. So no problem with selecting nylon strings and as a beginner that´s all I need. The prices are within reach if you are serious about classical music. The features you mention about C12 Cordoba guitars are amazing, I saw that is durable and easy to transport. As a frequent traveler, it is very handy, not to mention the Spanish style. 

    As you said you need to do your homework, read reviews, and try yourself with the guitar, so it must be a pleasure to take time to decide which one to pick. So, that in itself is an awesome experience. I really never heard of C12 Cordoba guitars before your post, not to mention the Cordoba Master Series.

    This is an excellent review. Definitely, on my bucket list, to learn pieces of classical guitar songs. And for sure I have booked mark your site to learn more about Cordoba guitars.

    • Hi Miselis, I’m delighted that I could introduce you to this lovely guitar. The Caroba nylon string is very versatile and so transportable. A must if you are travelling for work or pleasure. I hope to see you back and maybe guide you on your guitar journey.



  2. I have always dreamed of learning to play the guitar. This sounds like a wonderful guitar and easy on the fingers. I can see how this system can be engaging. The layout of your website pages is excellent. Even looking at the instruments is fascinating. It puts you in a relaxed focused state of mind to where nothing can hinder us from what we’re trying to accomplish. An excellent chance for individuals who want to learn to play the guitar. I will keep this post in mind for my future dreams.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Joe, so pleased that you enjoyed my post about this beautiful guitar. It is inspiring to know that this type of instrument is available to make the time of learning a pleasure.



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