Guitar Mastery Method Review

Guitar Mastering method for learning to play beautiful guitars

If you want to learn guitar or have tried in the past and failed then I have a treat for you. The Guitar Mastery Method School is one of the most comprehensive and fun courses, that I have ever seen online. The structure is without peer in the industry. Charlie Wallace, the Founder and ace guitarist who does the video course, has years of real professional experience.

Charlie Wallace has taught over 42,000 people in his online business and he still does one onPicture of Charlie Wallace owner of Guitar Mastering Method one live video lessons. You think he knows how to teach. You bet!

In short, he understands that we all feel a bit insecure about starting our journey to be a guitarist. My post on talent may interest you.

Coming from a professional musician’s life myself of over 40 years, I could see at a glance that Charlie leaves nothing out.

Understandably, every guitarist who is honest will tell you that there are gaps in their knowledge.

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Not all guitarists are created equal

That is because we all come to guitar playing in different ways. Hence, the need to fill the musical gaps in our education.

I’m self-taught but I know many people who started lessons in school and are terrific guitarists at a very young age. However, many of us don’t get the chance in school to learn an instrument.

Then we have older musicians, who have waited until their family has grown up to start playing. Subsequently, they don’t want to start out too simply, they just want to play.

  • Charlie recognizes that we all have different starting points. So he covers the basics in 15-minute lessons that you can quickly digest and move on to if it’s something you know.
  • Then, if you hit something you want to learn you can stop the video, watch it again or download the PDF. You have control to tailor the lessons to fit what you need to learn.

This is an incredible option. You can spend thousands of dollars and years trying to pay a live person to teach you and you have to learn what they choose and at the pace, they decide.

On Guitar Mastery Method you are in control.

Features that benefit you today to master guitar

I’ve checked out the rest and one detail that annoys me with a lot of online guitar courses is that you are pushed to pay on a monthly basis for your lessons. While some businesses don’t make it that easy to cancel your subscription.

Guitar Mastery Method Pricing:

  • Their new pricing structure is between $100 and $200 for a lifetime membership. Guitar 101 is $139US
  • You will be offered lots of specific music bundles for different genres.

What’s in the Mastery Members lounge?

A clear path to where your courses are stored. An indication of how many lessons you have done already.

This is one of the easiest websites I have ever navigated. I was so impressed with the course and the offer, that I paid and joined. I can tell you that I’m through 8 videos already and picked up a few tips I didn’t know.

Furthermore, what has impressed me most, was that when I went back in today to do some more lessons, I didn’t have to stuff around trying to work out where I had left off.

There is a big green button next to my 101 lesson icon saying Resume Course.

Even better there is a bar showing how far along I am in my videos. No guessing (no excuses) about which video to restart on.

Start learning and playing Guitar today

  • No waiting. Pay, join and the email confirms you and you start
  • It was so easy. I went into the member’s lounge clicked on my course, picked up my guitar, and began learning.
  • Charlie looks like a rock star but has a warm, relaxed teaching style
  • The lessons are not too fast or too slow

Ready to buy your first guitar, you must read about this awesome guitar package. Perfect for the beginner guitarist!

Who is Charlie Wallace?

Charlie started playing at 12 years of age and grew up in Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand. After he chose to leave school, he was then invited back at 16 to teach guitar part-time. Teaching at his old school and teaching many students in his hometown.

In 2012, Charlie’s band the ‘Black Smoke Trigger’ embarked on a European Tour This was a part of their prize for winning the City Show for New Zealand. When Charlie returned to New Zealand with the band he was broke. As a result, Charlie needed a new plan.

Creating the Guitar Mastery Method

In a life-changing decision, Charlie created The Guitar Mastery Method on the internet. Which ultimately, he has turned into a multi-million dollar business.

This was only possible because he built his own soundproof studio. Where the band Black Smoke Trigger, could work professional hours on salary and get professional results. The aim all along was to continue the success of the band.

As Charlie says;

“That is actually why I was able to grow the business so big and so quickly because it was never about the business. That was my reason why, that was the thing that pushed me through, working till seven in the morning, seven days a week, sleeping only three hours.”

The band is run like a business with plans and goals to become rock stars. This drive has led Charlie Wallace to grow as a guitarist and as a business entrepreneur.

Charlie is a great inspiration to all of us.

Only one Con

If you want to be a rock star, this course is for you. Plans to be able to play most styles of guitar, learn theory, awesome rifts, and perform with credit,  a better course for you is shown below.

Budget wise if you only want to pay once and own a course with 20 DVDs, 6 play-along CD’s and a hard copy book for $99 once off. Then check out my teacher Steve Krenz’s course with Learn and Master Guitar. Absolutely awesome value. I’m still learning from it 12 years later!

Gibson learn and master guitar course

No Monthly Fee with Steve Krenz’s course.

A Gibson guitar course for under $100.

Years of home instruction!

Why You Should Choose Learn and Master Guitar

My only negative comment about the Guitar Mastery Method is that all the examples, the style of playing, and every opening rift are from the rock genre. This is fine if that is all you want to play but Steve Krenz will teach you how to read music and play several genres. Including Ballad, Jazz, and Rock and you will own the course.

Also, Steve Krenz runs free live lessons every Tuesday night and you will be made very welcome.

Guitar music theory is pretty much the same, whatever style of playing you choose until you specialize.

If you are comfortable learning rock guitar with a fun, intelligent rocker, you will love this course. Be you a guy, girl, young or older.

If you are more interested in checking out another genre and learning to read music, have a read about my amazing guitar teacher Steve Krenz and his course. Free Live Lessons too.

The lead guitarist teacher Arielle is one of the best female guitarists I have ever seen.

A truly fun course. I will be bringing you updates as I continue the lessons and move into the other courses, that came with my package and Jam with the band tracks.

If you haven’t even bought a guitar yet head over to my reviews on the best guitars for beginners. There are some amazing packages out there with a guitar, amps, straps, tuners, etc all included. Look here for amazing Australian packages by Artist guitars. They will also ship around the world.

Artist guitars banner. Free Freight

To view this wonderful course head to this link.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, please leave a comment and share your thoughts and ideas.

Happy to help in any way.





28 thoughts on “Guitar Mastery Method Review

  1. Getting a guitar mastery Method school as nice as this is always a bit of trouble so I consider this to be a great opportunity for those who would love to learn how to play guitar. I tried it once when I was young but I was too playful to take it seriously, this is also a chance for me to at least come back on track and fix up something with guitar. Please about the payment, are those the only payment that will be required and what the highest stage or level in the school? I’ve really learned so much, thanks to you.

    1. Hi Jay, how does that saying go? I was so impressed I bought the company! I paid a once off of $47 for 4 courses with lifetime access and at the same time they offered me another 4 for another $47, which I took but I didn’t have to. So to answer your question. As I haven’t done all their courses yet, I would say that the $47 US will get you beginner to High Intermediate. From the lessons I have done already, this will take you a long way, if you can play every lesson. I love paying only $47 for lifetime access. You will also have access to their FB community, Free.

      Now, they do offer a VIP Membership too that offers instant access to new live lessons in the community and feedback direct to you on your playing for $27 US Per Month. This is terrific. But there is no pressure to join and believe me you will have enough to learn with the courses you have paid for at $47.

      Worth a good look. Let me know if I can help in any way.


  2. Lily,

    My father grew up as a musician playing in our local bar’s house band. I’m pretty sure he played mostly by feeling.

    Arguably enough, he was a fantastic songwriter and a professional music note reader.
    He worked for thoroughbred music. Organizing sheet music!

    I think having the talent for reading and writing music is a gift. It helps us deal with everyday stressful situations on a day-to-day basis. It puts in a relaxed focusing state of mind to where nothing can hinder us from what we’re trying to accomplish.

    To Your Success,


  3. Awesome, I am on my journey as a rock guitarist and I just joined the members lounge in Mastery method 101 & watched a few of Charlie’s videos… WOW, he can shred on that guitar and I like the way he approaches a beginner with bite sized lessons. First lesson for me is tomorrow and I can’t wait to learn from such a great guitarist!

    1. Helpful review! I started one year ago with a one-year subscription to Just bought a steel string and ready for something new. Great price…thank you very much.

  4. Guitar Mastery Method is a SCAM. I paid good money to receive lessons an now I can not log onto the site. The money back guarantee is also not being honored no matter how many times i demand it.

    1. Hi Dennis, I am so sorry to hear about that. So far I’ve had no problem with the owner or his courses but glitches can happen and it’s frustrating.
      Keep trying to contact them as it could be a Covid glitch, everything is upside down at the moment with lockdown.
      I hope you are able to resolve it soon.

  5. Scam or Not???
    I have to be honest my experience with this Company has NOT been positive 🙁
    Everything from the High pressure sales pitch,Long boring drawn out Infomercial style sponsored Ads on Facebook, Right down to the Barrage of Emails Daily and the Patronising style of these emails, have all the Hallmarks of an elaborate Scam?
    For me it began with a sponsored Ad on Facebook. a free download no strings attached??? Then The Bombardment of Emails began However one caught my eye , A free DVD Just pay postage? well it seemed Legit? $6.95 US ($10.00 AU) I reasoned that it would probably take Ages to arrive due to covid19, But I wouldn’t be out of pocket much if it didn’t? and there was No obvious Fine Print…or so I thought? I didn’t think much more about it until I saw a suspicious Transaction on my bank account???
    Further investigation Proved that Unknowingly I had been signed up to a $27.00 US ($40.00 AU) monthly Subscription to the VIP Club? I was Absolutely Furious!
    I am a Pensioner on limited Income so I NEVER sign up for subscriptions as most of my funds Go on Medical and Living Expenses and I already have enough ongoing monthly expenses Already.
    I wasted no time in Emailing them and telling them how I felt and after a few tersely worded emails from me and some patronising emails from them,to their credit refunded my money & Cancelled the “Subscription” I had no knowledge of.
    However the questions that remain for me are;
    1) their reviews are largely positive? Did I miss something? was I Just unlucky?
    2) Are they Based in New Zealand or the USA?
    3) Why are they resorting to high pressure marketing techniques if they have a good Product?
    4) Have they gone the way of monthly Subscription Rather then a lifetime $47.00US one off payment (this option makes more sense IMHO) but the first I’ve heard of it was on this page?
    5) Are they real people as they claim? or Bots? as their messages seem very “Bot Like” to me?
    Perhaps others can answer these questions?
    To Date I have never received the promised DVD? Not holding my Breath?

    1. Hi Joseph, firstly I must say that it is great that you received a refund and I hope the dvd turns up eventually. You weren’t scammed although since I reviewed them they have started a more aggressive sales pitch. A lot of the guitar course companies want you to sign up for a monthly subscription but there are other guitar guys who are free. My favourite is Steve Krenz and his guitar He gives free live lessons every week and I’m still doing them 13 years down the track. As a pensioner you would love this website and enjoy the chat with all the guitar guys, you will see me there too.
      1. You weren’t scammed but they should have been clearer.
      2. They are New Zealand based young guys (still learning about the business world)
      3. I have no idea why they would do this as the product is great and these tactics just drive people away
      4. No they still have both the lifetime and now the subscription but they need to be clearer what people are getting.
      5. They are real young guns and professional musicians worldwide. (I guess they will learn)

      Another free lesson guy is Justinguitar on YouTube. Put this behind you and enjoy your playing and let me know how it all goes.
      Warm Regards,

      1. Hi Lily
        Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. If a positive has come out of a negative It was Discovering your site 🙂
        I decided to peruse the GMM website after reading your reply. It appears the $47.00 lifetime access Deal has gone forever. Most courses around the $198.00US mark. I Generally get the impression That these are guitar courses for the Rich and Want to be Famous.($500.00, 1k,10k & 20k courses???) combined with the feeling its more about the money than the music?
        That aside Your Site is Great 🙂 Justin Guitar is one on my favourites along with Marty Schwartz, Generally I can find what I want or need on Youtube, so much easier than the record player,Guitar, figure it out technique which was all we had in the late 1970’s when i started out.
        Keep up the Great work 🙂 Joseph

        1. Hi Joseph, looks like we both starting playing the guitar back in the ’70s. My older brother gave me about 6 lessons and I taught myself from then on but I have been doing Steve Krenz’s course now for 13 years to try and fill the gaps. I think it’s harder this way but what can you do. I really enjoy my practice every day and my weekly jam with my lead guitarist. He is a very talented player and teacher.
          Thanks so much for letting me know about the lifetime deal being discontinued. I will fix my post today to reflect the changes. What a shame but there are others still giving value.
          Have fun and keep playing.
          Let me know if there is anything you think I could write about that would help you to learn and grow.
          Warm Regards,

  6. Guitar Mastery Method is running a “free” DVD upcharge scam. Just like Joseph did, I ordered the Free DVD (just pay 6.95 shipping), the next thing I know, I have a non authorized charge for 27.00 from them on my credit card. Absolutely a scam. If you are smart, you will avoid this company like the plague.

    1. Hi Pete, I hear you. I will try contacting them to see what is going on as this is happening a few times. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Have you been in contact with them about this?

      Let me know what you have done and I will also contact them and maybe we can sort it out between us.

    2. The same thing happened to me.
      When you pay for postage on the DVD they sign you up for a recurring charge unless you opt out.

      This is definitely deceptive behavior.
      Here’s their reply.

      Hey Bill,
      On the 26th of December, you claimed your FREE Six-String Seduction DVD which also included your FREE 14-Day VIP Club Trial Membership.

      And just so you know you’re completely covered by our 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, which is set up for you if you’re not 100% happy with your membership.

      Eddie gave you a free DVD + a free VIP Club trial when you covered the shipping & handling costs of just $6.95.

      And instead of paying for your VIP Club membership in full ($67.00 a month) after the trial, Eddie also gave you a 60% discount, giving you all-access for just $27.

      To quickly explain what you’re getting as a VIP Club Member, you get…

      4 Interactive LIVE guitar lessons every single month, On-demand access to hundreds of VIP Club lesson replays, Access to EVERY guitar course we’ve released, and access to any future courses we release while you’re a VIP Club member.

      Plus you also get access to our exclusive VIP Club Member’s Only Facebook Community.

      I see the VIP Club trial has ended and the first installment was covered. I’ve now canceled your VIP Club membership for you.

      I take it you secured your free DVD and VIP trial because you wanna take your guitar playing to the next level, and because you made the decision to let GMM help you with that, I wanna make sure you have the right tools to reach your goals, and I have the best solution.

      What I wanna do to help you, is instead of a refund for the single $27 made, is give you lifetime access to Guitar Mastery Methods most successful course ever, the 10-Week Master The Fretboard Workshop ($197.00 Value)

      You can check out here just how the 10-Week Master The Fretboard Workshop has changed other guitarists playing forever, from some of the guys who’ve already completed the course!

      1. Yes, it seems a bit cheeky to do this Bill and it happened to me as well. It’s a shame that they seem to be aware that this is a sleight of hand but don’t care to make their advertising clearer. Fortunately, their course is very good and worth the lifetime membership of $27.

        The problem is that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your lessons. I actually contacted them and sorted it out to make sure that there wasn’t any more billing. I hope they come to the party for you.

  7. I ran across a video on youtube by their channel. I liked the presentation and the dude broke down the riff to a very easy to follow and understandable level. I was going to sign up, but after reading these reviews and then seeing their prices- holy shit these guys are ridiculously expensive compared to pretty much every other outfit that provides similar services. Add to that the fact that it looks like everything is being sold piecemeal as opposed to any option for unlimited access and this looks like it’s just another online moneymaking scheme where the prices are too high, what you get in return is very little, and you have to keep spending more and more money. The motivation for this is made crystal clear with the mention above of it being a multi-million dollar business and all this talk of him building his own studio. Just another scammer getting rich with a dishonest business model whose only concern is extracting as much money as possible while giving as little as possible in return. Seriously- 200. bucks for an online course on learning the fretboard? That’s insane. Worth less than 25% of that on a good day, and it’s more than a little insulting to the intelligence for him to claim this was never about the money. That’s very clearly the only thing this is about.

  8. Hello there,

    I reside in Nashville, USA.I recently purchased the Guitar Mastery 101 method for $55 USD.
    Its a very short course about 6 hours.Even though its a good course which covers foundations, music theory etc but by itself the course is not complete.
    I ended up also buying the 10-Week Master The Fretboard course for $97 lifetime access.
    I just finished the Week 3. One thing is undeniable till now, Charlie Wallace is an excellent guitarist and an even better teacher. Each week is about 2 and half hours of recorded video lessons with lot of practice sessions and homework.So far I am really into the 10 week course.
    I might return the Guitar Mastery 101 course because some of the details are covered again in the 10 week Master fretboard course.

    I too had my doubts regarding GMM because of their completely aggressive marketing strategy.
    and tons of emails. Even going to their basic website made me take some surveys and jump through hoops.They had sent me so many marketing emails initially, I was like what the heck let me see if its really worth the hype!! Even when I bought the course at the very end there were more videos and web pages trying to pitch their other courses..!! I guess only due to these aggressive marketing they grew into a million billion dollar business in a short period of time.

    I think the 101 course was done in 2014 and the 10 week Master fretboard goes back to 2017 when they were relatively small and hence the quality of material and content is excellent. Charlie is such great and natural teacher, and can explain lot of complex musical theory in a simple manner.Both of these courses together makes more sense to me as a complete package.I do not know how their other courses are.


    1. It sounds like you are getting some great value from the courses Sandesh. I guess his courses have been developing over the years as you have found and there is always duplication in the material. Unfortunately, he seems hard to reach with suggestions but you could try sending him a message on Facebook.

      It’s great news that you are really enjoying the lessons. Keep growing and learning.
      Warm regards,

    1. That’s good to hear Mike. Thanks for your comment.
      It would be great if the National Guitar Academy had an affiliate program. Lily

  9. I’m so confused. Are you pushing Guitar Mastery Method or your buddy Steve Krenz? I just want to know which is best and you seem to flip flop.

    1. Hi Kenzo, I can see why you would think this but these two teachers are completely different in the styles and types of songs that they teach. Guitar Mastery Method is all about being a rock star and that type of music. It’s low on theory but great on application.
      Steve Krenz’s course is an all in one course that you can buy outright for under $100 and you will get 20 dvd lessons and workshops and 7 Jam along cd’s covering many music styles from pop, rock and Jazz with a book to work through. You can also do his free live lessons every week and join in the community. I’ve been with this community for over 10 years and they are truly friendly and fun.
      It all comes down to if you want to do a full course and own it or go to a website and pay to access lessons each month.
      I hope this clears up your thoughts.
      What type of music do you like and can you play already or are you just beginning?

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