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If you want to learn guitar or have tried in the past and failed then I have a treat for you. The Guitar Mastery Method School is one of the most comprehensive and fun courses, that I have ever seen online. The structure is without peer in the industry. Charlie Wallace, the Founder and ace guitarist who does the video course, has years of real professional experience.

Charlie Wallace has taught over 42,000 people in his online business and he still does one onPicture of Charlie Wallace owner of Guitar Mastering Method one live video lessons. You think he knows how to teach. You bet!

In short, he understands that we all feel a bit insecure about starting our journey to be a guitarist. My post on talent may interest you.

Coming from a professional musicians life myself of over 40 years, I could see at a glance that Charlie leaves nothing out.

Understandably, every guitarist who is honest, will tell you that there are gaps in their knowledge.

Not all guitarists are created equal

That is because we all come to guitar playing in different ways. Hence, the need to fill the musical gaps in our education.

I’m self taught but I know many people who started lessons in school and are terrific guitarists at a very young age. However, many of us don’t get the chance in school to learn an instrument.

Then we have older musicians, who have waited until their family have grown up to start playing. Subsequently, they don’t want to start out too simply, they just want to play.

  • Charlie recognises that we all have different starting points. So he covers the basics in 15 minute lessons that you can quickly digest and move on if it’s something you know.
  • Then, if you hit something you want to learn you can stop the video, watch it again or download the PDF. You have control to tailor the lessons to fit what you need to learn.

This is an incredible option. You can spend thousands of dollars and years trying to pay a live person to teach you  and you have to learn what they choose and at the pace they decide.

On Guitar Mastery Method you are in control.

Features that benefit you today to master guitar

I’ve checked out the rest and one detail that annoys me with a lot of online guitar courses is that you are pushed to pay on a monthly basis for your lessons. While, some businesses don’t make it that easy to cancel your subscription.

Guitar Mastery Method has a different approach, you can:

  • Pay a once off fee of $47 and it’s a life time membership
  • You head straight to the members lounge
  • You get all the lessons in the Guitar Mastery 101 section. 
  • That’s 108 videos in the starter course, beginners to Advanced
  • Then you are offered 4 more courses for another $47, these are;
  • Texas Blues Mastery
  • Songwriting and Home Recording
  • Capo Master Class
  • Barre Course Mastery
  • Full band Jam tracks in 5 different musical styles
  • $1 offer to try the VIP Lounge and pay an ongoing membership but only if you want even more live lessons.
  • Facebook invitation with an exciting community of guitarists
  • The Ultimate Practise Session Blueprint Free

So let me recap. That’s  5 courses and Jam tracks for just under $100 US.

What’s in the Mastery Members lounge?

A clear path to where your courses are stored. An indication of how many lessons you have done and no flashing ads to annoy you.

This is one of the easiest websites I have ever navigated. I was so impressed with the course and the offer, that I paid and joined. I can tell you that I’m through 8 videos already and picked up a few tips I didn’t know.

Furthermore, what has impressed me most, was that when I went back in today to do some more lessons, I didn’t have to stuff around trying to work out where I had left off.

There is a big green button next to my 101 lesson icon saying Resume Course.

Even better there is a bar showing how far along I am in my videos. No guessing (no excuses) about which video to restart on.

Start learning and playing Guitar today

  • No waiting. Pay, join and the email confirms you and you start
  • It was so easy. I went into the members lounge clicked on my course, picked up my guitar and began learning.
  • Charlie looks like a rock star but has a warm, relaxed teaching style
  • The lessons are not too fast or too slow

Who is Charlie Wallace?

Charlie started playing at 12 years of age and grew up in Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand. After he chose to leave school, he was then invited back at 16 to teach guitar part-time. Teaching at his old school and teaching many students in his home town.

In 2012, Charlie’s band the ‘Black Smoke Trigger’ embarked on a European Tour This was a part of their prize for winning the City Show for New Zealand. When Charlie returned to New Zealand with the band he was broke. As a result, Charlie needed a new plan.

Creating the Guitar Mastery Method

In a life changing decision Charlie created The Guitar Mastery Method on the internet. Which ultimately, he has turned into a multi-million dollar business.

This was only possible because he built his own sound proof studio. Where the band Black Smoke Trigger, could work professional hours on salary and get professional results. The aim all along was to continue the success of the band.

As Charlie says;

“That is actually why I was able to grow the business so big and so quickly, because it was never about the business. That was my reason why, that was the thing that pushed me through, working till seven in the morning, seven days a week, sleeping only three hours.”

The band is run like a business with plans and goals to become rock stars. This drive has led Charlie Wallace to grow as a guitarist and as a business entrepreneur.

Charlie is a great inspiration to all of us.

Only one Con

If you want to be a rock star, this course is for you. If you want to be able to play most styles of guitar, learn theory, awesome rifts and perform with credit, this course is for you.

My only negative comment is that all the examples, the style of playing, and every opening rift is from the rock genre. Guitar music theory is pretty much the same, whatever style of playing you choose until you specialize.

If you are comfortable learning rock guitar with a fun, intelligent rocker, you will love this course. Be you a guy, girl, young or older.

If you are more interested in checking out another genre and learning to read music, have a read about my amazing guitar teacher Steve Krenz and his course. Free Live Lessons too.

The lead guitarist teacher Arielle is one of the best female guitarists I have ever seen.

A truly fun course. I will be bringing you updates as I continue the lessons and move into the other courses, that came with my package and Jam with the band tracks.

If you haven’t even bought a guitar yet head over to my reviews on the best guitars for beginners. There are some amazing packages out there with guitar, amps, straps, tuners etc all included. Look here for amazing Australian packages by Artist guitars.

These are some of the guitar packages available in America through Sam Ash Music. Just type in Epiphone Les Paul package and scroll to the bottom of the guitars, awesome.

Free shipping and the guaranteed lowest price as

To view this wonderful course head to this link.

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8 thoughts on “Guitar Mastery Method Review”

  1. Getting a guitar mastery Method school as nice as this is always a bit of trouble so I consider this to be a great opportunity for those who would love to learn how to play guitar. I tried it once when I was young but I was too playful to take it seriously, this is also a chance for me to at least come back on track and fix up something with guitar. Please about the payment, are those the only payment that will be required and what the highest stage or level in the school? I’ve really learned so much, thanks to you.

    • Hi Jay, how does that saying go? I was so impressed I bought the company! I paid a once off of $47 for 4 courses with lifetime access and at the same time they offered me another 4 for another $47, which I took but I didn’t have to. So to answer your question. As I haven’t done all their courses yet, I would say that the $47 US will get you beginner to High Intermediate. From the lessons I have done already, this will take you a long way, if you can play every lesson. I love paying only $47 for lifetime access. You will also have access to their FB community, Free.

      Now, they do offer a VIP Membership too that offers instant access to new live lessons in the community and feedback direct to you on your playing for $27 US Per Month. This is terrific. But there is no pressure to join and believe me you will have enough to learn with the courses you have paid for at $47.

      Worth a good look. Let me know if I can help in any way.


  2. Lily,

    My father grew up as a musician playing in our local bar’s house band. I’m pretty sure he played mostly by feeling.

    Arguably enough, he was a fantastic songwriter and a professional music note reader.
    He worked for thoroughbred music. Organizing sheet music!

    I think having the talent for reading and writing music is a gift. It helps us deal with everyday stressful situations on a day-to-day basis. It puts in a relaxed focusing state of mind to where nothing can hinder us from what we’re trying to accomplish.

    To Your Success,


  3. Awesome, I am on my journey as a rock guitarist and I just joined the members lounge in Mastery method 101 & watched a few of Charlie’s videos… WOW, he can shred on that guitar and I like the way he approaches a beginner with bite sized lessons. First lesson for me is tomorrow and I can’t wait to learn from such a great guitarist!


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