Young girl sitting on a pier with her electric guitar

The Best Guitars for Kids Review

Should your child learn to play the guitar? Scientific studies show that children who learn music also excel in maths and other subjects. In this review on the best guitars for kids, I will try to make it less confusing for you, the parent. They are creating talent for life and may even have dreams …

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What is a Guitar Capo?

A guitar capo is a perfect tool to work with when you don’t want to have to change the chords for a song. In fact, for a lot of women, when we sing guy songs a capo makes it possible for us to key it to suit ourselves. I use it extensively with my band, …

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How to Learn Guitar Songs

Have you ever wondered how quickly you can learn a new song? When you first start learning to play guitar it seems that you will never be ready to create real music. But I can tell you there are a few tricks on how to learn guitar songs and I’m going to share them with …

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Easy finger exercises for guitar

Easy Finger Exercises For Guitar

Easy finger exercises for guitar are designed to give you finger flexibility. 10 minutes of daily practice will get you quick results. If you want to play lead guitar or combined chords and melody, you need to get muscle memory. I’ve had arthritis in my hands from the age of 16 and have played for …

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