How to Learn Guitar for Free Review

How to learn guitar for free

Yes, I really do mean how to learn guitar for free. Many guitar sites promote being able toTotally free learn for free but when you click through it is only a trial and then you have to pay. What I am going to share with you is the best sites I have found, where it is always free.

This doesn’t mean that the quality of the lessons is less. I’ve checked them out and the National Guitar Academy and Justin Guitar are the standout winners.

  • Who is Mike Kennedy from NGA?
  • Who is Justin Sandercoe of JustinGuitar?
  • What do they offer?
  • Is it all for Free?
  • Should I pay for online lessons?

Who is Mike Kennedy?

Mike is a UK professional guitarist who started a band called Mags. They went on to record and perform all over the UK, Europe, and America. He didn’t start playing until he was 16 but within a year he was rocking out and writing his own songs with a group of friends.

Mike has lived the rockers dream of creating a job from the music he loves. Consequently, at the National Guitar Academy website, he shares this knowledge with you for free.

Who is Justin Sandercoe?

Justin was born in Tasmania, a fellow Australian. He started teaching guitar from his home when he was only 12. At 22 years of age, he moved to England to study at the Guitar Institute in London and started his Free YouTube Channels. He now has over 1.1 Million subscribers with 300 Million views by 2017.

What Do They Offer?

Here is the freedom to start learning guitar today because there are no more excuses.

You canHow to learn guitar for free go and check out their home pages with the links above. Here you will find the answers to your own personal questions.

Each site offers you the chance to start from a beginner’s level or if you have been playing for a while, select a new direction. Perhaps, you need to fill in some gaps in your guitar education.

  • Chords
  • Rhythm
  • Lead
  • Theory

Take your pick and begin to explore the many, many video lessons on structure or head to the song section and start learning a new song. It really is that easy. If you are a first-time guitarist spend some time reading my Guitar Tips for Beginners.

Is it All For Free?

Yes, all the video tutorials, download PDF files, and encouragement is all free, no monthly fee. But let me warn you there are Three Catches!

Number one – You have to bring the desire to learn and do the practice!

Number two – They will offer to sign you up for some awesome emails on great gear and videos to help keep you motivated. If you buy anything through them, they may get a commission. So you get to say thank you, by helping them earn a living!

But it’s not compulsory.

Number three – You may be asked to make a donation (whatever amount you decide to their website) to cover their costs and time. How terrible? To thank them for sharing their awesome experience and skill.

But it’s not compulsory.

I think you are getting my drift by now, these really are free sites to learn on, no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Should I Pay For Online Lessons?

This is an excellent question. There are three other options for lessons.

Monthly Payment

Most monthly course payments are around the $30 mark. This will usually give you access to all the lessons on a chosen guitar website (sometimes you will have to pay more for a VIP lounge area).

This is a very structured way of learning and maybe you need that to stay motivated. Often you can talk to the instructors, be part of the community, and step by step follow the lesson.

Buy a Full Course Online once-off payment

This can be a cheaper way to do your lessons. On the Guitar Mastery Method website, you can buy individual courses and you own them on the website. You can access them anytime through your member’s website and do them at your own pace. You can add new courses and the deals are terrific.

Buy a Hard-Copy Course with DVD’s and Book Delivered to you

This is the way I started perfecting my guitar playing, as I had terrible wifi where I lived and I traveled a lot. I wanted a hard-copy so that I didn’t have to open my computer to do a lesson and I wanted to know I owned it forever. That was in 2012 and I’m still enjoying his lessons. I’ve been delighted with my Learn and Master Course, created by Steve Krenz. He also runs Live Lessons once a fortnight from his website at

Wrapping it all up

Learning to play guitar or wanting to improve on your guitar skills is a personal journey. I hope that this breakdown of what is available to you helps in some small way.

If you can’t afford guitar lessons and want to get started, these two Free guitar teachers can easily get you started today. Although, you may want to buy a guitar first! Here are some amazing packages from music stores in Australia and America.

Another great read is the article from Beginner Guitar HQ that will help you in choosing the best free resource to get you playing.

Whether you are on a budget or want to own your course, now is the time to choose, and get started.

If you are ready to get started but are wondering which guitar to buy and you have a small budget take a look at this amazing package that has an amp and a beautiful guitar. Perfect for beginners.

If like myself you have been playing for many years but there are gaps in your knowledge, all of these courses have enough wriggle room for you to choose the bits you want to learn.

Interested in reading more about JustinGuitar head over to Beginner Guitar HQ and read a fantastic breakdown of Justin’s lessons at

I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the two Free and Two paid teachers, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and ask me.



15 thoughts on “How to Learn Guitar for Free Review

  1. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. Music is food for the soul.. I have always wanted to learn the guitar for a long time. Every time I encounter someone, it’s either he is too busy or I have to pay for the services. I actually gave up on my guitar dreams until your article. Thanks 

    1. HI Benny, you have made my day with your comments. I had hoped to inspire someone to see that not being able to afford lessons is no longer an issue now we have the digital age. I look forward to you following your guitar dreams.

      Let me know if I can help in any way.


  2. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the everyone as it has been of help to me. I must say that you have done a great job on this article………I have been playing music instruments for sometime. I know that if I had this tip I wouldn’t have paid an enormous amount of money to learn guitar because this is top notch

    1. Thanks for your comments Feji. It is very easy to get carried away with paying for lessons that you never do.

      Hopefully this list of free ones will help. 

      Lily 😊🎵

  3. When I was in college, one of my classmates liked the guitar very much and won the championship on behalf of the class during a performance. We are all proud of him.
    It’s been almost 10 years, and now it’s really convenient to learn guitar for free. The Guitar Tips for Beginners you shared is great. I plan to try to learn guitar in the time available.

    1. Hi Jealous Li,

      Your friend must have been very inspiring.  Now you will have the chance to learn as well.

      Good luck with your plan.

      Lily 😊🎵

  4. Wow ! I loved finding your website today it is like I had found a new life. When I hear guitar it pulls me in. The sound of the guitar calls to my soul. But unfortunately, I could not learn guitar when I was young but I wish to learn now, after reading your review. This article of yours has given me hope for my wish.  I must take this opportunity to make an effort to become a guitarist. 
    I hope you can teach me more as I learn guitar.
    Thank you for an interesting article that inspires me to move towards my dream.

  5. Hi Lily, thank you for sharing this review. I must admit that it’s truly helpful and I am amazed because I haven’t seen anything like it before. I never imagined that there would be free guitar lessons just like that of Mike Kennedy from NGA and Justin Sandercoe of JustinGuitar. I am just wondering if these two websites would be well structured from a beginner’s level to advanced level.

    Also, it has been observed that people do not value free stuffs; this statement may not be true because I value free stuffs. I personally feel that it’s best to invest money in learning. This will in a way motivate us to take the lessons serious because we don’t want our money to get wasted. But if we don’t have money to invest, we can actually start free and these two websites you have shared are mind blowing.

    For paid courses, I prefer a one time payment and access to download the materials and videos into our devices for offline access or better still get hard copies of materials and CD.

    Kind regards!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I feel that if you can’t pay for lessons this is a terrific way to get started.

      Justin guitar has all level of lessons.  I think it would take many years to be ready for his advanced lessons. 

      Wishing you success 

      Lily 😊🎵

  6. I attempted to learn to play guitar when I was just a teen. I learned some chords and how to accompany a person singing. But it was shortlived as I got focused on my studies and got reminded only of the hobby just recently. Thanks for sharing these, I found your site valuable in learning the basics of guitar playing again.

    I’d like to ask a question… If I join one of these instructors you have mentioned, can I make donations using Paypal? I don’t have credit cards, I only pay via Paypal.

    1. HI Gomer, It is so easy to let it slide when you are studying but I’m pleased that you are thinking of picking your guitar up again. Justin accepts Stripe and Paypal and you will find links to take you there if you wish to make a donation.


  7. Hi Lily – I’ve been on National Guitar Academy checking out the site and getting the emailed tips, etc.
    Is it worth paying the 97USD for the full course or just getting the small doses he offers for free?


    1. Hi Brad, it will all depend on where you are with your playing. If you are a beginner it’s really nice to do a full course that will teach you everything in time and the National Guitar Academy is one of my favourite courses, it is worth the money. If you are an intermediate player trying to fill in some gaps it is worth surfing all the free YouTubes to find the particular information that you need to learn now. You certainly won’t go wrong doing this course.

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