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So you want to learn guitar and you’re not sure if Steve Krenz’s Learn and Master Guitar Course will work for you? Fair enough.Taylor swift playing guitar In this article, I’m going Taylor Swift on guitar to look in-depth at Steve Krenz, Learn and Master Guitar Course.


That is easy for me, as I have been using it for over 12 years. I’m not being paid for this review, it’s a pleasure to talk about an amazing course but I have added a link at the end should you wish to purchase.

Can you learn to play guitar with DVDs?

Yes, there are a lot of online video courses but owning the DVDs and a hard copy book makes the course so portable.

What I’ve found is that over countless home moves and traveling, I can always just pull out the DVD I was working on. Put it on my TV and get going again. No finding a website and trying to remember where I was.

I love the fact of feeling that Steve is right in the room with me and his style of teaching is friendly and personable. He makes you relax and feel that he has a step-by-step plan for your learning, which he does!

This way you always have a hard copy to play in case your computer goes down or you are offline. Also, you don’t have to pay for it year after year. It comes in a solid box with an illustrated copy of the book.

Using your TV Screen to learn guitar

I like that I can play it on the TV and have a big picture. I’m not having to juggle my guitar to see or play it on my computer in my room, so as not to bother my family. The next best thing is I can stop and watch the same portion again and again. Yes! I really have to do this.

I can check and read the lesson in the book, which is comprehensive and beautifully presented. Each chord, each note is there and then I can watch Steve play it and then play along. This multi presentation really helps to make each lesson sink in and it’s fun.

Being self-taught, I’ve always resisted having to learn notes, scales, and keys. But the little steps that Steve uses to have you learning and playing tunes on your guitar by page 14, will delight you in its simplicity.

What do I get?

Included in the beautiful solid box set is;Gibson Learn and Master for Guitar

  • 20 DVDs – 40 Hours of Instruction
  • 105 page Book of identical lessons
  • 5 amazing band Jam Along CD’s

This is all you need to get started straight away. A lot of care and design has gone into this course package. It’s very portable and the box will protect your book, DVDs and CDs. Each DVD and CD is in a sleeve so they are protected and easy to find.

Winner of the Acoustic Guitar Magazine Players Choice Award in 2008. 2 Telly Awards and the prestigious AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education. If you want to see more about Steve’s Course please click on this link to check out the price.

Who is Steve Krenz?

I don’t know Steve personally but I feel like I do and that is the mark of a great guitar teacher. Through hours of watching and doing his course, chatting with Steve, and asking questions on his website guitargathering.com. I feel like I am learning guitar from my big brother (no not the annoying one!)

Have a read of my post all about the live lessons that Steve does at guitar gathering.

I don’t feel like someone is judging me or my progress because I am getting a massive amount of support. (Yes, I know he can’t see me.) But if I want personal lessons with Steve I can book a live lesson with him, I haven’t needed to as the course is so good.

He is always accessible through the chat on his website and I can post a video of me playing (yuck not yet!) and talk to the guitar community there about my guitar journey.

Steve’s qualifications to create Learn and Master Guitar

Steve Krenz on guitar

Steve has done a degree in Music and he often speaks about it during his live lessons. You can tell that he really understands the theory of music and uses it every day in his teaching and recording life. He is often on tour with bands around the world and is sought after for studio recordings by many top names.

Steve is a family man and shares his love of community through his website. He insists on a high standard of conversation within the community. This, therefore, makes it a happy and safe zone for guitarists of any musical taste, age, or gender.

How will the DVDs help you?

Each Lesson is broken down into three sections plus homework.

  • Playing along
  • Video Tips
  • Practice Workshops – Jam along with CD
  • Slow, Medium and Fast Jam Tracks

There is also a Bonus Resources Book and Song Hits Course with 2 Songs for each lesson available.

Learn to read music and scales on Guitar

There is where it gets easy and I never thought I could learn notes on a guitar. From the very first lesson, you will start playing and building a visual idea of the notes on the guitar and how to read music. It’s easy to think, why bother?

But further, down the journey of your guitar playing, you may want to be able to read a musical piece or play with a band or orchestra. Then you will need this knowledge and it’s not painful to learn one step at a time.

Learning scales will become the basis for playing solo leads, it’s one step at a time.

Also, see my post on Guitar Tips for Beginners – Having fun.

Explore different Music and Styles

Perhaps you are so new to the guitar that you haven’t really decided on what sort of music, you think you will enjoy playing. Within this course, Steve gives you some basic pointers in each musical style. You will surprise yourself in what takes your fancy and now is the time to explore. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Fingerstyle, Country, R&B, and Funk, all in the course.

Another fun skill you will be learning is how to read tablature, this is another way of reading notes. The great thing is you don’t have to memorize notes, you just put the finger number on the string that is indicated. All while you are learning to pick and to strum.

If like me, you are an intermediate player who wants to fill the gaps in your musical education, you will not be disappointed. There is plenty of challenge in the pieces that you will play from each section. There is a Fast section on each CD, for experienced guitarists. You can make it as challenging as you want. With this course, you can tailor the learning speed and degree of difficulty to suit yourself.

Learn to solo and play the lead

From Session or Lesson 11, you start to build a foundation to be able to solo on your guitar. One of the biggest challengesCheryl Crow playing lead for lead guitarists is that their leads can all sound the same. Or they just have a few licks they like, in their bag of tricks and that is all they ever learn, boring!

By understanding the fundamentals of music theory and how solos work over the chords in a song, you will have enough knowledge to be free to be as creative as you wish.

Yes. You will be encouraged to play scales on your guitar and with the backing CD’s. It’s really fun and will only be the beginning of having that musical theory at your fingertips.

You’ll be ripping off a lead rift before you know it, just follow Steve’s advice of starting slow and accurate and building speed for a clean sound. Use a metronome.

Starting your journey

The beginning of learning something new is always exciting and you will be delighted with this course. Don’t wait, put that the first DVD in and get a warm reassuring welcome from Steve, inviting you to learn a new skill.

Grab your guitar and get comfortable. The biggest challenge that you will face is having to stop the lesson when life intrudes but the quality of each Session will keep you keen to come back. Revise and move on.

If you are ready to upgrade your guitar or you just love buying new guitars check them out here for some great deals and free delivery.

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I have recommended Steve’s course to many of my friends and family over the years. They have noticed my playing progress and wanted to get in on the fun. I hope you will join us.

Grab a copy of Steve Krenz: Fall in love with the guitar and get $100 OFF Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar course! now at Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar with instructor Steve Krenz

Then come along to Guitar Gathering and say hi while you await the post and start chatting with the many lovely guitarists from around the world. You can check out some of Steve’s free YouTube videos, watch a live lesson, and begin to get a feel for how much fun and learning you will have in this tribe.

Welcome. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Come join the party today.



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  1. Dear Lily,

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post.

    In our church choir team, we have all the instruments including Guitar but the sad thing is we don’t have anyone to play it (Guitar). In every meeting, we talk about it and a few will decide to learn guitar and nothing happens lol.

    At last, I decided to learn guitar and while doing some research online came to know about Steve and his course. So wanted to know more information about his course and found your helpful review.

    The information you shared about Steve and his course is very helpful in making my purchase decision. The price is also under my budget. Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar (Full 25 Disc Edition) by Steve Krenz is on my list.

  2. Thanks for this information concerning Steve krenz’s master guitar course. To be honest, I have paid for the course and it seems like a daunting take to begin for me. Though I wan to learn guitar because I like it a lot as a music instrument but what I got after I paid was somehow massive and overwhelming for me and I dont know how to begin it from scratch but having read through this article, I have the needed boost to get something started. Getting started is all that is required to learn it. Thanks

    • Hi Tracy, I agree it can be overwhelming but just put his first DVD in and you will feel more relaxed.  One little step at a time.  Keep in touch and let me know how you go. We need more girl guitarists. 


  3. Steve krenz has been a great tutor to me and I learnt a lot from most of his lessons that I have streamed and he has helped a lot in fine tuning and honing my guitar knowledge and skill. I have some couple of kids here who wishes to learn guitar from me, I guess I will just refer them to this master guitar course by Steve krenz. It is really great to know that a course as detailed as this is made available by such a man as him. That ks for letting me know about this.

  4. Oh this is nice. I have always been thinking of learning music and one of my favourite instruments is the guitar. It is really popular too. I think using this Steve krenzs course will be a good one. I especially like that there’s a DVD and one can easily make use of visual aids to up the learning. So with this I will be able to learn not just solo but also learn to play like a lead guitarist. That’s is beautiful. Its perfect that you have also tried it out. I’ll try out the course and see how good I can get.

  5. Hi,

    Great review and what a coincidence! Just yesterday my next-door neighbour was just asking me do I know any place where she can send her son to learn Guitar. Because they just recently moved to the UK from Germany, and want to continue her son’s guitar lessons. I am going to share this post and I am sure they will find this very helpful. Thanks a lot.

    • Oh that is great news Nazmun. What a coincidence.  Hope it works out perfectly for them.

      Happy to chat with them if they have questions. 


  6. Thank you for this informative review. I tried to teach myself the guitar about ten years ago but gave up because it was pretty difficult and didn’t really have any need to do it. I’ve since played my way through the Guitar Hero series of games and really enjoyed them but it’s left me feeling I really should learn to play the guitar properly. Your review of this product makes it sound like something I really could and should do. Thanks for the motivation!

    • Guitar is easy to learn if you have the right teacher. The time  is right and I can tell that you really want to be able to play.  Go for it. You might enjoy my article on Steve’s guitargathering.com it’s a great way to make guitar friends and stay motivated. 

      Let me know if I can help. 


  7. Thanks for this informative and comprehensive review on Steve Krenz’s  learn and master guitar course. This is like a answered prayer to me lol. I have been patiently searching for how to learn a guitar without stress and in my Comfort and this review has introduced me to this course. I’m very grateful for putting this together. The fact that it comes with a DVD is a bonus to help boost my learning. Thanks for this

  8. I think that tutorial  videos from you tube wouldn’t give as much learning as the ones prepared like a real guitar course. Although it has the same video platform, a real course like Steve Krenz’s are much recommended since the lessons are laid out according to proper and ladderized level. The good thing I like about this is having its own community of learners through Steve’s website. It could mean that techniques being shared and discussed are also monitored by the owner. 

    Does the DVD tutorial also include some techniques or even lesson for left handed players? It’s the main reason why I can’t learn how to play this instrument because I’m a lefty. It’s confusing for me to learn the keys because friends who tried to teach me are all right handed. Is there any tip you can give me? Thanks for sharing about this guitar course!  

    • Hi Missus, thanks for the great comments.  Now that’s a question I haven’t been asked. Give me a few days and I will make some enquiries for you and also ask Steve. I’m sure this has come up before. If I find a better course for left handers I will let you know asap.

      Lily 😊

      Hi again, I’ve been surfing the net for you about left hand guitar lessons. There are some courses out there and some free You Tubes lessons. So you would need to look at what is for sale and see if you like what they are offering. It might take me a few days to get some more information for you but at least you are in good company. Paul McCartney was a left hand guitarist and many more. Back Soon.


  9. Hi Lily,

    I’m so glad I found your review.  I’ve thought about taking up guitar, off and on, since I was a kid.  More off as I’ve gotten older – partly due to time constraints, but also feeling like it would be hard to find resources to learn from without taking private lessons, which I’d prefer not to do.

    A friend suggested I look into online or DVD lessons.  I have no idea why that hadn’t occurred to me, but better late than never, I guess.  Anyway, this sounds like a great course – really comprehensive and with an easy-to-follow structure.  Thanks so much for sharing your experience and giving such a thorough explanation of what Steve teaches.  This course is definitely one that I’m considering.

    • Hi Jordan, I’m so pleased that this review helped. I know that there have been times when I’ve wanted to learn something in particular in my playing and had friends teach me. But this course has always been the backbone of my learning. I also really enjoy meeting the gang on the Live lessons that Steve does each week, in Nashville at the famous Gruhns Guitar shop. We are a family so come and join us while you learn.

      You may enjoy reading my other posts about him on my website. Let me know if I can help in any way.

      Have fun and enjoy.


  10. Lily, great website with so much info about playing a guitar. Very professionally done!
    I will be back to check it put many more times and I have saved this site it’s special thx for all the great info??♥️


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