Live Lessons with Steve Krenz

Live lessons with Steve Krenz are the perfect way to get started in the guitar community. It can be a lonely journey on your own and we all need friends to share our love of music.

When playing the guitar is not just a hobby, it’s your dream.

Loving the Live Lessons

When we think of learning to play guitar, we think of lessons and hours of practice. But the regular Steve Krenz live lessons introduce you to some seriously awesome guitarists. live guitar lessons with a friend is always better

But this is not all of it, Steve has created an entertaining Freeway to learn guitar.

His YouTube lessons cover getting started as a beginner. In the live lessons, you even get to ask them questions in the live chat. Or if you are not free on a Tuesday night, you can watch the show later by going into his website at

How we choose to learn can make all the difference to whether we are still playing in a month, a year, or even a lifetime. In choosing a guitar teacher, I decided to go to YouTube and see who was teaching and try some of their lessons. It was the best decision I ever made because 10 years later, I’m still watching and learning from Steve Krenz in his regular Live lessons.

Finding the perfect guitar teacher

Steve was everything I wanted in a guitar teacher, he could play any style of music, answer the hard questions. It was fun and informative and his YouTube lessons were tailored to all levels of guitarists. I bought his Gibson Learn and Master course and set sail, well started playing anyway.

Guitar lessons were the key

  • My first impression was how easy the book and DVD lessons dovetailed.
  • At any time, I could stop the DVD and go back to clarify any bit of the lesson.
  • I could plan my lesson time and practice and not move on until I was ready.
  • Practice learning to read music and play individual notes and play tunes from the beginning.
  • This course covered several genres of guitar music. It gave me a taste for what I wanted to play
  • I could buy a Bonus Material Book which would give me more examples of each lesson
  • Play along with the backing tracks provided (this thrilled me as I wasn’t near to other musicians)
  • A recent new course is all songs, played with Steve’s band, with chords showing on the DVD
  • I could share my progress with the community in comments and course icons
  • I could go to the FREE Live Lesson every week and ask questions or go to the chat in the community immediately.
  • Private Skype lesson is always available with Steve if you want some personal training

Self-motivation or community?

How motivated are you? I know that over 10 years of playing I’ve stalled a few times and if I had just been going from one lesson to the next in a book and DVD, I would not be still playing. So what made the difference. The community.

Most weeks of the year on a Tuesday night in Nashville (Wednesday morning in Australia) Steve runs a FREE live lesson with a live worldwide chat. He has some amazing guests who come and share their playing and their stories. Because we are watching live we can ask questions of his guests and of Steve.

A robust conversation amongst the members keeps us focused and often laughing. As the hour whips past even members will answer questions that you missed. A friendly moderator in the chat helps with questions and links. It is a controlled friendly environment, hence a fun safe place to learn, which will keep you playing.

Focus on different genres of music in the live lessons

Sometimes Steve will do a special segment on a particular style, Jazz Arpeggios, how toLoving live lessons construct a Rock lead. Comping in a band, building your pedalboard, or even learn a whole Christmas song together with a pdf.

You are notified in advance of the content or guest and when it is about to start. We can send in suggestions for shows and guests. All are welcome and supported.

A live lesson can re-inspire you to play at home or with the lesson. If for any reason you can’t make the live lesson it will be available on Steve’s website. Above all, it’s still Free.

On his website at, you can drop in for a chat anytime, ask questions about your playing. Get ideas for gear, talk technical, or just have a little brag about the new guitar you bought. The only strict rules are no politics, clean, fun, and friendly.


What am I looking for on a guitar website? I want it all! Forums. Live Lesson Archive. Chat. Articles. Gear. Freebies. Downloads and Guitar Retreats. You will get this and more. It’s worth just taking the time to browse around, look at some lessons, ask some questions, and look up your key interests.

I’ve lost count of how many questions I have asked and had several members come back with suggestions to help. I don’t want to be sold or pressured into buying more lessons or gear and that just doesn’t happen here. But it’s always nice to look at great deals so I’ve included these links to help you save money on getting started.

Free shipping and the guaranteed lowest price as

If you are wanting to start lessons and need to buy that first guitar look at the Epiphone Les Paul Package or an awesome Artist guitar package in these links. Starting at $299 for the lot!

Free shipping of all Artist guitars

If you use these links I will be paid a commission and it helps to support my website and my family. Thank you!

Girls are made welcome in this guitar community

Something I have noticed in particular with Steve’s Community is that girl guitarists are made very welcome and not treated any differently from the guys.

In fact, it’s been a pleasure over the years to see the considerate posts amongst the many friends during a live lesson. To someone who has had a recent challenge, life sends them to all of us.

For this reason, I have been coming back and making friends. There is always a big welcome back to a returning player. Steve’s live shows have as many female guest guitarists as guys and that is so motivating.

There is a lot of tolerance within the community for personal taste in music, guitars, styles, and gear but zero tolerance of anything negative, outside of being a fellow guitarist.


When learning anything new it’s easy to be a bystander and just keep changing teachers. What will keep you learning and motivated? I could give you a breakdown on many guitar courses and I will over the coming months and I will be honest with my appraisal after using each course but at the end of the day, you need to decide the big questions.

  • What music do you want to learn?
  • How quickly?
  • How much?
  • Who and what will keep you motivated?

Personally, I joined this community to build friendships, learn about how to play with otherA community of guitarists guitarists and bands, and become a good guitarist.

This course, website, and community have given me all of those things and the courage to go out in my local community and share my love of music with other musicians and audiences.

Learning should be fun and it is with Steve. The website is a pleasure to navigate. The lessons comprehensive and the community is home amongst fellow enthusiasts.

It won’t cost you a cent to try some lessons and you might just find a new family. Therefore, you can get stuck into the live lessons with Steve Krenz at any time.

Where to get Steve Krenz Guitar Courses

Gone are the days of finding a live guitar teacher who will teach you what you want to learn, at the pace you wish to learn. This can be very expensive, at least $30 a half-hour and you can’t replay it, ever. I have never found this to work for my learning, consequently, I went looking online for live lessons.

Steve’s Krenz Gibson Learn and Master Course are $149 US, but they often have sales for $89 and it can be even less. It comes in a lovely hard box with the book and 20 DVDs. over 40 hours of teaching.

His Bonus Resources Book is $24 US and comes spiral bound and autographed. Get it on sale here.  Learn & Master Guitar is serious guitar training. Order Now!

You have unlimited access to FREE YouTube lessons and a FREE Live lesson most weeks with live chat. NO time limit on the trial time. No credit card details necessary to try the lessons on his website, ever.

If you are still wondering if you can do this have a read of my post on talent.

Steve has multiple partnerships and has created courses for Gibson Learn and Master. He is always polishing new courses for us and makes them available on his website.

This is a true value!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or make a comment on this post. I’d love to hear from you.



7 thoughts on “Live Lessons with Steve Krenz”

  1. I used to play the guitar many years ago and I have to agree with you, what ultimately lead me to stop was not being part of a community or group of people. I originally started playing the guitar because of friends that I’ve made abroad, but when I was practicing alone it wasn’t the same thing anymore.

    At first, I thought this was just another instrument course in video format – but the weekly live chats and streaming definitely make this product a great pick. On top of that, you mentioned that it has an unlimited free trial – how amazing is that! Definitely gotta give this a try when I want to pick up playing guitar again.

  2. Growing up, I had great love for those who play guitar and its as a result of my dad being a lover of jazz and reggae music. I grew up with the hope of having to play someday for a music band, but I guess that was just another childhood wishes. Long story short, i never got to learn to play because of so many side distractions, but today i have so many videos that I use in teaching my daughter who sings. She uses the guitar very well and can sing along, and when i watch her, i see my childhood, but from a kid who is more serious than i was.

    • Hi Benson, that’s wonderful news that you get to enjoy the guitar through your daughter. She will always have lovely memories of you helping her with singing and playing.

      Perhaps you could learn a few chords so you can play together. My whole family were musicians and we had a band when I was a kid. Really fun and I learned about playing with other musicians.

      I hope you can encourage your daughter to visit my website, as I started it to support woman and girls learning guitar as most of the sites are geared towards guys. It’s great for her to have woman role models as well.

      Let me know if I can help in any way.


  3. Nothing takes your mind away like sitting down with your guitar for a few minutes.
    Those minutes will usually turn into an hour or more. It can be very cathartic at times.
    Learning new riffs and techniques is always fun.
    I wasn’t familiar with this guy, but a quick Google search on Steve Krenz brought up the results, and he appears to be the real deal, and a no time limit trial is unbeatable.
    Thanks for the info. I’m going to check this out and learn some new licks!

    • Hi Poppa, So glad this re-inspired you. Hope you join us at Guitar Gathering.

      See you on chat in the Live Lessons

      Let me know if I can help you with anything in this music world


  4. Not very many times do we come across such opportunities aa this for us to have a great product with a free trial. I played the guitar sometimes back but I stopped when it seems I would not make a career out of it. Besides, why should I keep learning when I wouldn’t be doing something great with it. But then, reading this post, I realised that the real reason I quit was because I lacked motivation to keep learning then and that is what Steve Krenz has brought with this platform as this. Being around the community of like minded guitarist would only make things much better and make one more geared towards achieving success.

    I really like this a lot. Thanks

    • Hi Bella, so glad this helped. It’s so easy to get busy and drift with learning to play guitar, especially if you haven’t got an end goal. I really love playing but even with gigs coming up, I find it hard to stay motivated. So I head over to Steve’s live lessons and watch someone else practising and it makes me want to play again.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      Lily 😉


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