How to keep time on guitar

How to Play in Time on Guitar?

Many new musicians have a problem with learning to play in time with the music. This is an understandable problem that comes from playing very slowly. We all stumble when we first start playing. But it is one of the most important parts of being a musician, that you learn how to play in time …

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Young girl sitting on a pier with her electric guitar

The Best Guitars for Kids Review

Should your child learn to play the guitar? Scientific studies show that children who learn music also excel in maths and other subjects. In this review on the best guitars for kids, I will try to make it less confusing for you, the parent. They are creating talent for life and may even have dreams …

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Dad with his little daughter on his lap playing his guitar

Live Lessons with Steve Krenz

Live lessons with Steve Krenz are the perfect way to get started in the guitar community. It can be a lonely journey on your own and we all need friends to share our love of music. When playing the guitar is not just a hobby, it’s your dream. Loving the Live Lessons When we think …

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What is a Guitar Capo?

A guitar capo is a perfect tool to work with when you don’t want to have to change the chords for a song. In fact, for a lot of women, when we sing guy songs a capo makes it possible for us to key it to suit ourselves. I use it extensively with my band, …

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Black electric guitar on a red background with music flowing past

The Best Budget Guitars for Beginners

So you have decided to buy a guitar and it has to be an inexpensive guitar. You will need the best budget guitars for beginners, that will inspire you to play. One, which will sound nice and keep you interested. It has to be good value for money and make you want to learn, not …

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How to Learn Guitar Songs

Have you ever wondered how quickly you can learn a new song? When you first start learning to play guitar it seems that you will never be ready to create real music. But I can tell you there are a few tricks on how to learn guitar songs and I’m going to share them with …

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Cordoba Nylon String Guitar

The Best Classical Guitar for Beginners

Your first guitar is so crucial to your success as a beginner guitarist. I can’t stress it enough that you take the time to think about all the reasons you have decided to learn to play. For a beginner who plans to play classical or jazz music, I cannot recommend any guitar more than The …

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