Guitar Songs For Girls – DESPERADO

Guitar songs for girls

Guitar songs for girls – DESPERADO is designed to help you create a repertoire of mixed popular songs to perform for family, friends and professionally. If you want to be a great guitarist/singer you need to learn songs. Everyone has to start somewhere. So now that you have decided to learn a song. Which one …

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The Best Guitar Course For Beginners

This course is a real treat for you. It is, without a doubt, the best guitar course for a beginner. Why? Because you want to learn a little about each style of guitar playing. and do it in baby steps. Everyone had to start at the beginning. Even the guitarists that you look up to …

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What is a Guitar Capo?

A guitar capo is a perfect tool to work with when you don’t want to have to change the chords for a song. In fact, for a lot of women, when we sing guy songs a capo makes it possible for us to key it to suit ourselves. I use it extensively with my band, …

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