Cordoba Nylon String Guitar

The Best Classical Guitar for Beginners

Your first guitar is so crucial to your success as a beginner guitarist. I can’t stress it enough that you take the time to think about all the reasons you have decided to learn to play. For a beginner who plans to play classical or jazz music, I cannot recommend any guitar more than The …

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Easy finger exercises for guitar

Easy Finger Exercises For Guitar

Easy finger exercises for guitar are designed to give you finger flexibility. 10 minutes of daily practice will get you quick results. If you want to play lead guitar or combined chords and melody, you need to get muscle memory. I’ve had arthritis in my hands from the age of 16 and have played for …

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4 Habits of a Successful Guitarist

You are starting a new adventure into the music world, so you want to get it right from the very beginning. This is where my 4 habits of a successful guitarist will kick start your fun and progress. Habit #1 – Tune up First Are you thinking that this is an obvious suggestion? It isn’t …

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