The Best Beginner Guitar Packages

Have you waited forever to begin playing guitar? Well, it has never been easier to get started. The best way to begin your journey is with a guitar package, that fits your vision. The best beginner guitar packages include everything you will need to play from the moment it arrives at your door. If you …

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Cordoba guitar review

Cordoba Guitar Review – A captivating play

In my Cardoba guitar review – A captivating play, I will analyze why this is the perfect nylon string guitar for all players (except for rock!). Your first guitar is absolutely crucial to your success as a new guitarist. Once you know the reasons you have decided to learn to play and the music that …

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Dad with his little daughter on his lap playing his guitar

Live Lessons with Steve Krenz

Live lessons with Steve Krenz are the perfect way to get started in the guitar community. It can be a lonely journey on your own and we all need friends to share our love of music. When playing the guitar is not just a hobby, it’s your dream. Loving the Live Lessons When we think …

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Black electric guitar on a red background with music flowing past

The Best Budget Guitars for Beginners

So you have decided to buy a guitar and it has to be an inexpensive guitar. You will need the best budget guitars for beginners, that will inspire you to play. One, which will sound nice and keep you interested. It has to be good value for money and make you want to learn, not …

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Cordoba Nylon String Guitar

The Best Classical Guitar for Beginners

Your first guitar is so crucial to your success as a beginner guitarist. I can’t stress it enough that you take the time to think about all the reasons you have decided to learn to play. For a beginner who plans to play classical or jazz music, I cannot recommend any guitar more than The …

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Guitar Mastering method for learning to play beautiful guitars

Guitar Mastery Method Review

If you want to learn guitar or have tried in the past and failed then I have a treat for you. The Guitar Mastery Method School is one of the most comprehensive and fun courses, that I have ever seen online. The structure is without peer in the industry. Charlie Wallace, the Founder and ace …

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