Stay In Tune! – The Best Clip On Guitar Tuners Review

You need to Stay in Tune! – The best clip on guitar tuners review, will give you a choice of tuners to help you sound at your best. Nothing is more crucial to your playing experience than to be in tune. From the moment you pick up your guitar you need to be aware of the pitch of your strings. This should all become on auto pilot, you tune and then start playing. best clip on guitar tuners

Why Use A Clip On Tuner?

Unless, you always plug into an amp to play, than using clip-on tuners makes life easier. At home or when you take your guitar out to play. You can put your little tuner, with your capo and picks all in the guitar case. (I even put them all in a clip lock plastic bag. Then I just pull the bag out. It stops them getting lost.)

I consider my clip-on tuner one of my necessary tools as a guitarist. No matter which guitar I use, Steel, Nylon or Electric I am going to need to tune up.

Clip-on tuners are easy to leave on your guitar at home. They are ready to go when you pick your guitar up from your guitar stand. Sit, Tune, Play!best clip on guitar tuners

Is There a Downside to a Clip-on Tuner?

There used to be a downside in the quality of the tuning but with the advances in electronics, most clip-on tuners are pretty accurate. The only other downside is that your clip-on tuner might go for a walk in a crowded jamming session. So beware!

Many of the tuners are black and it’s very easy to accidentally😋 have someone borrow yours and forget where it came from. Even worse. You could forget! That’s why I tend to buy bright colour clip-on tuners in Green, Blue or Red. Even white will help this challenge.

Buy several clip-on tuners if you can afford it, they are not expensive. I keep one on each guitar. That’s how important being in tune is, when you are serious about playing.

Which are the best clip on guitar tuners?

You are probably expecting me to tout my favourite tuner and I do have a favourite. It is the one you can see in this picture the Fender tuner. Why? For all of the these reasons.

  • Easy to use
  • Shows tuning in colors, Orange too low, Red too high, Green is perfect!
  • Simple and gentle to clip on my guitar
  • Not Black
  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t have a thin neck

Some tuners are hard to read or are so sensitive that it becomes a chore to get the string even close to Green. For this reason, you are wanting something simple with bright colours that show the tuning.

Many tuners now also will turn themselves off after 3 minutes. So you can tune and play without fiddling a tiny off switch.

There are some fairly popular brands, which have a thin neck on the tuner. If you forget to unclip your tuner before putting your guitar in the case, it is possible it will break in two. The fender style tuners will just pop off unbroken. This is an easy mistake to make.

Fender Clip-on Tuners are available from most music stores but here are a few you might wish to look at.   ==> Take a look Here <==

best clip on guitar tuners

Any sales through my link to Amazon will help with supporting my family. It is greatly appreciated.

Why Do I Need A Tuner?

Why not use your phone to tune up or a piano or even another guitar? 

  • Attitude
  • Convenience
  • Professionalism

You will always need to take responsibility for being in tune. Especially, when you play with others. You really don’t want to have a reputation for being the only person, always out of tune. If you aspire to playing with a band you might like to read about the hidden rules here.

Having your own clip-on tuner with you at all times means it’s no hassle. You don’t have to find an app to tuneup or cage one from someone else. At home before you practise, you can check and then a bit later when your guitar is warmed up, check again.

You will always be viewed as a professional if you start by tuning up before you play. Sometimes, it is hard to fit it in around chatting and laughing but people will notice and go quiet while you tune. It’s good manners to sit without playing, while others tune up, it shows respect and that you think like a professional.

I hope that you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about clip on tuners or want to leave a comment below, please do.

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  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I believe it gets to a point where you do need a clip on tuner to tune, this is a well researched article and now I can see the benefits and cons of getting a clip. Thanks for the post once more.

    • Thanks Benny, I’m so pleased that you found some value in my post. This is a crucial key to being a great guitarist. 

      Lily 😁🎶

  2. Hi! I have been playing my guitar for several months now. I’m learning and I’m excited. I have already learnt to tune my guitar and can already play a couple of songs with the chords I’ve learnt. But I realize sometimes some of the strings are out of tune. A Clip On Guitar Tuner will help me greatly and keep me encouraged to continue learning. I liked the Fender Clip-on Tuner and will purchase it! Thanks for this suggestion.

    • Hi Ann, congratulations! It sounds like you are off to a great start with your playing and adding a clip on tuner will make you even better. You might like to have a read of my Learning Songs post, there are lots of tips for talented girls like you.

      Enjoy this wonderful musical life



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