The Best Guitar Course For Beginners

This course is a real treat for you. It is, without a doubt, the best guitar course for a beginner.The best guitar course for beginners Why? Because you want to learn a little about each style of guitar playing. and do it in baby steps. Everyone had to start at the beginning. Even the guitarists that you look up to today!

You want to have fun learning some theory. Just enough to play along with the 5 Play-along CD’s.

You get to jam along with Steve’s own personal band in a studio setting.

You don’t want to struggle to practice. If you are just starting out, then the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar course will take you from beginner to Intermediate, as quickly as you want to learn.

No matter your level of playing now, you will finish with a grounding in guitar theory and playing that could take you anywhere!

That’s what you want, isn’t it?

Don’t Limit Yourself as a Beginner

I meet guitarists every day, who tell me they wish that they had bothered to learn how to read music when they started. I know, you are thinking it will be boring or just too hard.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as I found. If you start by learning very simple songs and play them with the backing CD’s, you will get a real feeling of accomplishment. Soon those notes of music are something you recognize easily.

You can then move onto harder pieces or find You Tubes that teach you particular songs. Each year, Steve teaches Christmas songs, something we all need in our bag of tunes. There is a wealth of materials to be found on the internet.

It’s staying focused long enough to achieve a good level, that is the trick.

This is where a structured course will help you to stay on track! Being able to open your book where you left off and play the DVD is similar to having Steve live in your home for a private lesson and I just love that you can pause and replay until you get it!

This will be an exciting journey for you and first, you need to really think about the type of guitar music that attracts you. Do you love the blues? Or does Pop or Jazz excite you? Will you head straight into Rock and Roll? Here is a little taste of Steve’s awesome fingerpicking.

Whatever style you choose, I’ve found that the best guitarists can read music or at least understand how it works, when they are playing.

Who is Steve Krenz and The Learn and Master Guitar Course?

Steve Krenz who created the Learn and Master Guitar Course has taught all over the world.The best guitar course for beginners He is a trained musician with a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share with you.

Steve has played with Grammy winner Donna Summers, big bands and orchestras, The Fifth Dimension, Israel Houghton, and thousands of recording studio hours.

Learning a new skill is all about convenience. If you have to struggle to find your last lesson or where you stopped then it can really put you off.

I have my DVD in an outside driver, ready with my computer. I plug and play. This way it always asks to take me back to the exact last spot I stopped before.

Steve often plays with you along with the backing CD’s during your DVD tutorial and you can put it in your CD Player and press repeat. Awesome!

Learning with DVD’s and CD’s can seem old-time but it has one major advantage, you can play them anytime and anywhere, even when you don’t have internet access. You can check out another independent review here of the best guitar course for beginners.

What Do You Get in Gibson’s Learn and Master Course?

Steve Krenz has created the perfect hard copy format for Gibson.

A lovely book, 20 DVDs and 5 studio jam CDs.the best Guitar Course for beginners

  • Rock
  • Fingerstyle
  • Playing the Blues
  • Jazz
  • Soloing
  • Advanced chords
  • Barre Chords
  • The Secret to Great Strumming
  • Basic Open Chords
  • Reading notes
  • Pentatonic scales
  • Songs to play along with the CD’s
  • Bonus practice lessons
  • Awesome price of $99 for the whole course!

==> Check out this Special Price here <==

Let’s be serious for a moment. Private lessons will cost you about $30 a half-hour. 10 lessons would be $300. No recordings of those lessons, no book, no backing CD’s

For around $100 you can get thousands of hours of structured lessons, high-quality recordings that you can control, beautiful backing tracks to play along with, and a professionally notated book in a striking hard cardboard storage box.

It has been scientifically proven that you retain 62% more when you see something written down. Visual and active repetition is the mother of talent!

You own it forever!

Beginner Guitarists Need a Special Teacher

I’ve been playing for over 40 years but I can still remember my first guitar lesson with my brother. He was so patient. Now, of course, I realize that the reason I chose Steve Krenz for my first guitar course, was because his style of teaching reminded me so much of my brother Chris.

Both were at Tommy Emmanuel’s level of guitar playing but they were still able to give me simple steps to understand my first chords, then notes and onto soloing. They made it fun by teaching me songs, right from the beginning.

Features that benefit you today

I don’t know about you but when I want to start something new, it’s like now! So once you have ordered your Learn and Master Course, you can head over to YouTube and start doing a lot of Steve’s lessons, even better go join into his website for free at Guitar Gathering.

There is a huge amount of resources available there, including a range of his Live Lessons, you are sure to find a video that grabs you. You can meet other guitarists and chat straight away. Your musical dreams can be real from today! This is how I found him and it was fun messing around until my course came and I could get serious.

What will you find for a beginner at Guitar Gathering?

Whenever you start something new, you need support, and what is more fun than talking to other guitarists? Plus, you will get immediate free access to;

  • Forums
  • Live Lessons
  • Freebies
  • Awesome Guitar Retreats in Nashville
  • Chat
  • Equipment
  • Courses
  • Music Sheet Pdf Downloads

One of my all-time favorite things to do with Steve Krenz is his Live Lessons, which he does about every two weeks. You can be notified. I just love chatting live to guitarists all over the world. Asking Steve questions live, so I can get an answer straight away. Watching the amazing guest artists that come on his show.

These are fun and informative and over the 14 years I have been doing them, I have really learned a lot but also been inspired to keep learning.

In those years, I have seen Steve play along with other top musicians to Blues, Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country, Swing. He can play all styles and that is great for you! It is reflected in his course.

Don’t Limit Your Learning

Learning guitar is a journey. One you may decide that you want to do for your entire life.The best guitar course for beginners

You are never too old or too young to start but I can guarantee you that if you never start, you will never be able to play.

Choosing the best guitar course for beginners can be tricky, as we are all different. Only you know how much you want to learn, what style of playing excites you, what music you want to play. But starting with a course that will allow you to explore the different styles and learn a little music theory can be fun, especially with this course.

I want to wish you all the best in this exciting new journey you are about to take. I hope you have enjoyed this review and will Like it and pass it around.

Please, get in touch in the comments section to share how you are going. Let me know if I can help in any way.


4 thoughts on “The Best Guitar Course For Beginners

  1. With this post, you become a dream-maker.  There is always someone who has the dream of being a musician.  If they are serious, this course sounds like a great way to start.  Now, if it were a course for electric bass, I would be very tempted to take it.

    It really helps having a teacher, and an online teacher works just fine.  Then you can hear how it is supposed to sound, see what your hands are supposed to do, and practice imitating the same sound.  It’s like anything else you learn — if you want the knowledge badly enough, you’ll hang in there till you get what you came for.

    I learned to play 5-string banjo many ears ago.  I started with a Pete Seeger book and record.  It was immensely helpful.  Of course, I had a bit of an added challenge because first learned to play on a hand-made cherry-wood banjo with no frets.  Fortunately, the maker had played it quite a bit and had worn grooves in the places for some of the basic chords (For example, the C.)  So when Pete said, “Well, now to begin, you put the first finger on this fret…well, if those grooves hadn’t been there, I might have given up right then.

    You are providing folks with a course of study that can be very helpful.  

    1. Hi Fran,

      I can see you had some great experience with music and did well with your learning to play, it sounds like fun.  I think I better do a review on Bass courses for you soon.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Lily 😁🎵

  2. This is one of the abilities I’ve never mastered but is always there, it is peacefully and lovely just waiting for me to decide.

    We are very social. It is great to be able to follow and learn. The fact of having a Forum available makes it easier to reach the destination for anyone. There we’ll find people like us, some of them most likely have been where we are in the past or where we currently are. The provided checklist is also a very helpful tool.

    Steve Krenz is very well known in the industry. He definitely has the seniority level required to teach this type of course and guitar gathering is a wonderful place to meet other guitarists.

    Another great thing is that the course is self-paced, no need to rush after buying to fulfill someone else’s time frame or goals. 

    This is a great opportunity, thanks a lot for a great review post.

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