What is a Guitar Capo?

A guitar capo is a perfect tool to work with when you don’t want to have to change theWhat is a guitar capo chords for a song. In fact, for a lot of women, when we sing guy songs a capo makes it possible for us to key it to suit ourselves.

I use it extensively with my band, as there are plenty of songs that I want to sing but they are in the key to suit my male lead guitarist. He is willing to work out the chords to a new key but this is much easier.

I can also use a capo when I am jamming with friends. If they want to play a song that is in a difficult key for me to sing. I just pop on my capo and it changes the key up one or two tones.

Why Are There Different Guitar Capos?

There are a lot of different capos and ask any guitarist and they will have their favorite.How to use a capo

It comes down to how easy you find different ones work for you. I originally started with this simple capo. It’s light, cheap, and easy but it can be a bit tricky getting it on. Because of its size it’s also easy to lose.

I then moved onto the one pictured above, although you need a little hand strength, it is very quick to put on and easy to find when you are playing. Accordingly, it is easy to put down and find when you are jamming.

If you are already a guitar player, you may have seen someone using a capo and didn’t really understand what it was. It is basically a movable bar. When you do barre chords you are creating a barre that goes across all of the strings at the same time.What is a capo

When you put a guitar capo on, you can play simple chords (C, D, G) in a different key. If you have your capo on the second fret of your guitar these chords then become one full tone higher, which takes the key up a tone. Every fret is a half-tone higher.

Why Use A Capo?

Why not work out the new chords to a song in each key?

Unless you can do this on the run and in your head whilst playing, it will be a challenge.

It takes theory training to be able to transpose songs and putting a capo on is so much quicker. Learning theory takes some time and you want your playing guitar to be fun. One of the courses I have used is Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz. These are fun and easy lessons that you can learn at home.

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Where do I get a Capo?

You can buy a capo at any local music shop near you. They can be a little pricey but it is convenient and quick and you are supporting your local music store but if you want a cheaper option.


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Any sales through this link help me to support my family and this website, so thank you.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about capos and how to use them, please leave a comment below.






12 thoughts on “What is a Guitar Capo?

  1. In all honesty, I have seen the guitar capo being used consistently by a lot of people but I never have known the reason behind this. Thank you so much for sharing this here.  A guitar capo is truly an awesome tool for guitarists and I must say that I fancy all of the ones you have in your review. To be honest, I like the way that it can help to change the key. Wow! Great one here. I must surely get one for myself too.

    Terrific review, it’s so much clearer now.

    1. Hi Roddarick, so pleased that you enjoyed my little post. This was something that confused me when I started playing.  Hope it helps.


  2. Thank you for this article. My daughter loves to play guitar and has asked me several times to buy her a Guitar Capo. Since I’m not a musician, it was hard for me to decide which one to buy. I will send her a link to your post because she will surely like the lessons by Steve Krenz.

    1. That is delightful news. It must be so hard being a mum, you’re supposed to know everything. 

      Your daughter will get a lot of use out of her capo, especially if she is planning to sing a few guy songs. I’m sure she will enjoy other post on my website specially for women guitarists

      Wishing you success in helping her have fun with her guitar. 

      All the best

      Lily 😊🎶

  3. I have Learned something important trough your post. I personally noticed that bar on some guitars , but never take time to figure out what is all about, in fact i never knew it was call guitar capo.  This is an incredible post.  Thank you lily for the information provided in your post . Keeping it uo

    1. So pleased it answered your question Randy. I know I didn’t want to appear dumb by asking the first time I saw a capo.

      It’s lovely to be able to pass on the knowledge. 


      Lily 😊🎶

      There is lots to learn in the music world and you can always find the answer if you look. The next step is getting a decent tuner to keep that guitar in tune. My review on tuners may help.

  4. Although I have a musical culture, in my youth, I played the viola, I didn’t know anything about Guitar Capo. It’s great to be able to instantly translate a melody with one or two tones above or below, without any other complications (for example, changing the chords). Thanks for posting Lily, I learned something new.

    1. You are so welcome Carmen.  These little bits of knowledge really help us to improve. 

      Enjoy your playing 

      Lily 😊🎶

  5. Hey Lily, 

    Really interesting article, I’m no musician (that is my daughter) and I learnt a lot reading this. My daughter mentioned that she would like a capo, which was something to do with her band, (I guess to make it easier for her to sing certain songs). She’s been away over the past couple of weeks so we’ve had a bit more time to sort her present this year. This sounds ideal to me, especially with your list of amazing deals, I’ll check them out over the next day or so and get something ordered, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Nate, that is terrific news. You can always find something great to buy a musician and a capo can be so inexpensive. It also shows you are paying attention.

      I hope she has a ball with her band and takes her music all the way. It’s been a joy and a great income for over 40 years for me, so I can’t encourage girls enough to have a go at playing guitar and being a lead singer.

      So pleased that my little post helped so much. You might want to send your daughter the link to aussiemuso.com as there are more great posts that would help her in her musical journey.

      Take care and well done in supporting your musical daughter.


  6. Nice review of the uses of a capo in changing keys. A capo is a device a musician uses on the neck of a stringed instrument to transpose and shorten the playable length of the strings—hence raising the pitch. It is a common tool for players of guitars, mandolins, mandolas, banjos, ukuleles and bouzouki

    Your post helped me to understand about using a capo and why I need to buy one, thanks.

    1. Thanks for reading about capos Evans I’m sure this will help you to build an extensive list of songs to play with your friends.

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